Hanoch Levin MURDER 65 min




Andrea Weiss Sadeh

Stage director

Ido Rozenberg


Sanja Ivić

Set designer

Shani Tur

Costume designer

Ana Mikulić

Lighting designer

Keren Granek

Stage movement advisor

Šimun Stankov

Video designer

Ivan Marušić Klif

Music selection

Ido Rozenberg

Sound designer and composer

Nikolina Belan

Assistant director

Marta Tutiš

Assistant set director

Aleksandra Vukićević

Assistant costume designer

Josip Đerek

Ensemble of the performance


Pale soldier

Luka Knez

Blushy soldier

Dominik Čičak

Blushy soldier

Tin Rožman


Prime minister

Wife of Prime minister

Bodyguards of Prime minister

Kristijan Petelin, Martin Kuhar




Small boy

Lovro Juraga

Small girl

Bride's mother

Bridegroom's father


Orange Prostitute

Pink Prostitute

Purple Prostitute

Feeble worker

Meagre worker

Older neighbour


Rok Juričić, Vibor Kreković, Dominik Čičak, Martin Kuhar, Kristijan Petelin, Tin Rožman, Damir Markovina


Stage managers

Stage manager

Roko Grbin



Hanoch Levin


The too early deceased Hanoch Levin was one of the most prominent Israeli contemporary writers, poets and dramatists who with his works often, with a satirical blade on the edge of absurdity not sparing anyone, agitated the Israeli public and the cultural scene. Drama Murder develops a disturbing story about violence, revenge and an unbroken chain of punishment that occurs in a politically turbulent surrounding. Even though written back in 1997, this work today, when interpersonal relations and relations between states are rapidly becoming hostile, is very much up to date, posing difficult questions on long-term and constant conflict without a winner. 

Drama Murder follows three interconnected stories. In the first, Israeli soldiers at the time of war torture and kill a young Palestinian. Three years later the father of the killed young boy appears at a Jewish wedding to execute his personal vengeance. In the third part, in the atmosphere of war that is just about to erupt, a city rabble attacks and mutilates an unfortunate voyeur, a poor Arab worker, while the father of the killed Palestinian boy wanders the streets attempting to find out the last words of his son. This large ensemble performance will be directed by a guest from Israel, Ido Rosenberg, a director and professor of the Tel Aviv University who will present one work of this contemporary Israeli writer for the first time on the stage of the CNT in Zagreb.