William Shakespeare MEASURE FOR MEASURE

Measure for Measure, first performed in London in 1604 is one of the most intriguing works of William Shakespeare. Balancing between tragedy and comedy, this text of the immortal dramatist poses a series of questions on morality, corruption, government, sacrifice, measure with which we evaluate ourselves and others. But this text also has a flip side; we follow characters who entertain themselves, like to drink and visit the ladies. In this maze of vivid characters, we follow a plot that commences when Duke who rules Vienna announces his alleged departure and leaves the city to his deputy Angelo, a man of “impeccable moral” and harsh law enforcement. In a parallel story we meet the unruly Claudio condemned to death for immoral behaviour whose unrestrained friends beg Isabella, Claudio's sister to stand up for her brother and seek mercy from the harsh Angelo. Their encounter causes a flow of events that will intertwine the destinies of all characters. Angelo asks of Isabella who is preparing herself to become a nun to sleep with him and save her brother, but Isabella defends her purity and honour, while Claudio shuddering from the idea of death still tries to persuade her to save him… This is a large ensemble performance in which the best actors of our CNT Drama will take part with Ivan Plazibat as stage director.