From 19. January 2024.

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The new text by Tomislav Zajec Disappearance talks about a contemporary family that appears to be harmonious, yet under the surface there are gaps through which we gradually discover what has happened in the past. Karlo is a renowned scientist, model husband and father, but he is more than just that. We discover his predatory nature through Marko, a six-year-old boy with hearing impairment whose inner hell is covered with silence, slowly turning him into a disappearing person. Omission, indifference, escape from reality are just some of the elements of this soul-stirring work that talks about sexual abuse of those most incapacitated. Through several mutually intertwined lines of the plot and relationships, Tomislav Zajec gradually builds dramatic tension, revealing the truth about the abuse of the small boy. In scenes in which dialogues change with monologs in temporal discontinuity, Zajec builds an unusual dramatic structure that unfolds before us like a crime novel. With the world opening night of this awarded text by Tomislav Zajec (second Marin Držić prize in 2022), one of our best contemporary writers, the Drama of the CNT in Zagreb continues to present authors that systematically and without embellishment deal with our everyday life. The stage director is Dora Ruždjak.