Lucy Kirkwood THE WELKIN

It is 1759 and the world is awaiting Halley's Comet. The daughter of Lady Wax is murdered, and the inhabitants of this small rural city are bloodthirsty. Sally Poppy is accused of the crime, together with her lover who had already been hanged. Sally's way to the noose depends on the fact whether she is pregnant as she claims, or she is lying. If she is pregnant, she will be transported, and her life will be saved. Sally's destiny lies in the hands of 12 women gathered together to make a unanimous decision this way or another. Some of the women are eager to perform their duty, while others hope their duty would end as soon as possible. Midwife Lizzy knows that despite the mob that is bloodthirsty in front of their window, 12 women have the opportunity to make an important decision that will change life in the world dominated by men. However, women must fight their consciousness in order to make the decision. A radical presentation of views begins, that we, in our daily life, experience as disguised dynamics of interfemale relations. But the author, by placing the story in the 17th century, enabled a display and visibility of these standpoints. By this, she did not describe the past but unravelled the present. Lucy Kirkwood is an awarded British dramatist whose texts have been staged in all larger European theatres. The stage director of this text that we can even call the female version of the movie 12 Angry Men is Marina Pejnović.