Marina Vujčić FERTILE WATER 100 min



Dramaturgy and direction

Nenni Delmestre

Set designer, music selector and audio designer

Lina Vengoechea

Costume designer

Barbara Bourek

Stage movement

Zrinka Lukćec Kiko

Lighting designer

Branimir Bokan

Video designer

Ivan Marušić Klif

Assistant director

Lina Vengoechea

Assistant dramaturge

Matej Opolcer

Ensemble of the performance

Nora (early thirties)

Bruno, Nora's man

Eva (late thirties)

Ana Begić Tahiri

Toma, Eva's second husband

Sofija, Eva's several years younger sister

Flora (late twenties)

Antonio, Flora's husband

Gašpar, janitor of the institution

Vilma, head of the institution

Dr Majer



Woman 1

Woman 2

Woman 3

Woman 4

Gloria Dubelj

Woman 5

Iva Šimić Šakoronja

Woman in mourning


Stage managers

Stage manager

Antonio Mrzlić


Suzana Bogdan- Pavek

World opening night


Marina Vujčić


A new drama text of the contemporary Croatian writer Marina Vujčić, who has already published around ten books, in 2020 won the most significant Croatian award for an unpublished drama script, the first Marin Držić Award. The plot of Fertile Water is placed in a dystopian society with a rigid pro-natal policy in which there is a significant and constant religious pressure, which in many aspects resembles numerous modern societies. The plot takes place in a clinic for preservation of pregnancy, that is isolated from the rest of the world by a swamp and in which persons of very diverse desires and ideas on the intimate fulfilment, happiness and sense of life meet. Two women are in the spotlight: Nora who does not wish to have a child because she is convinced that the birth of a baby would disrupt her life and lead to a loss of her autonomy and Eva who believes that life without a child has no meaning and attempts to realise her yearning with one unusual solution. The third woman Flora is a victim of violence and is abused by her partner while the fourth woman is detained in her room until the abortion date has passed. Along the female characters, there are also men who react differently to the problems of their partners. The fast rhythm and skilful balancing between the atmosphere of tension on the verge of a thriller and poetic scenes full of symbols, make this text very interesting and intriguing. The world opening night of drama Fertile Water on the stage of the CNT in Zagreb is directed Nenni Delmestre.