Wayne McGregor - Steve Reich / Massimilano Volpini - Marjan Nećak DYAD 1929 / PRIMORDIUM

Double bill of two ballet artists Wayne McGregor and Massimiliano Volpini will be premiered in the new season, uniting two choreographers of different artistic expressions. Wayne McGregor is the author of Dyad 1929 that relates to the famous ballet company Ballet Russes, their artistic leader and patron Serge Diaghilev and their contribution to art in a wider context. Ballets Russes that was active between 1909 and 1929 marked the first three decades of the 20th century and introduced a revolution in the comprehension of ballet. Although this is not a narrative ballet, the movements, sets and music by Steve Reich contain traces of the style and spirit of Ballet Russes that has been inspiring artists all over the world for decades.

Massimiliano Volpini, Italian choreographer and director of the Ballet of the CNT in Zagreb, in his work titled Primordium will, through contemporary dance language, present primordial human actions and instinctive reactions to various life situations that are embedded into our daily life in which we encounter artificial intelligence and one entirely new world. A question arises whether we can restore a balance between our fundamental human nature and the new social development, respectively, the new evolution that awaits us. The music for this ballet will be composed by the Macedonian composer Marjan Nećak.