Henrik Ibsen - Edvard Grieg - Edward Clug PEER GYNT 150 min




Edvard Grieg

Librettist and choreographer

Edward Clug


Vjekoslav Babić

Set designer

Marko Japelj

Costume designer

Leo Kulaš

Lighting designer

Tomaž Premzl


Ivo Nemec, Milena Greifoner

Assistant choreographer

Miloš Isailović, Mirjana Šrot

Assistant conductor

Vjekoslav Babić

Assistant costume designer

Lara Kulaš, Mia Rejc Prajninger

Ballet mistresses

Suzana Bačić, Mihaela Devald Roksandić

Ensemble of the performance

Peer Gynt

Takuya Sumitomo/ Guilherme Gameiro Alves/ Yuho Yoshioka


Tomislav Petranović


Guilherme Gameiro Alves/ Pavel Savin/ Balint Rauscher

Mads Moen

Pavel Savin/ Balint Rauscher

King Of Trolls

Domagoj Vrbljanin


Siniša Bosnar


Taiguara Goulart/ Adam Harris


Natalia Kosovac/ Miruna Miciu Yoshidu/ Helena Troha


Miruna Miciu Yoshida/ Natalia Kosovac/ Saya Ikegami/ Anamarija Marković


Rieka Suzuki Sumitomo / Mutsumi Matsuhisa

Woman In Green

Lucija Radić Palinko/ Atina Tanović

3 Mountain Women

Ivančica Alajbeg, Tihana Trupeljak Bujanić, Dora Blaić / Leda Šeparović


Atina Tanović/ Lada Rora


Rizumu Tanaka, Anamarija Marković, Dora Kovač

5 Couples

Mario Diligente, Drew Jackson, Adam Harris, Simon Yoshida, Arnau Velazquez Rodrigez Anamarija Marković, Mutsumi Matsuhisa, Ozana Mirković Blokar, Helena Troha, Saya Ikegami/ Yuho Yoshioka, Kornel Palinko, Hyuma Gokan, Balint Rauscher, Cristiana Rotolo, Valentina Štrok, Dora Blaić, Lada Rora, Leda Šeparović, Rizumu Tanaka


Yuho Yoshioka, Mario Diligente, Adam Harris, Drew Jackson, Simon Yoshida, Balint Rauscher, Arnau Velazquez Rodrigez, Kornel Palinko, Hyuma Gokan, Vid Vugrinec, Ovidiu Muscalu, Saya Ikegami, Valentina Štrok, Ozana Mirković Blokar, Mutsumi Matsuhisa, Helena Troha, Cristiana Rotolo, Lada Rora, Anamarija Marković, Leda Šeparović, Dora Blaić, Rizumu Tanaka


Saya Ikegami, Cristiana Rotolo, Ozana Mirković Blokar, Mutsumi Matsuhisa, Helena Troha, Anamarija Marković, Lada Rora, Dora Blaić, Leda Šeparović / Valentina Štrok, Rizumu Tanaka, Dora Kovač, Mario Diligente, Drew Jackson, Adam Harris, Simon Yoshida, Arnau Velazquez Rodrigez, Yuho Yoshioka, Balint Rauscher, Hyuma Gokan/ Kornel Palinko, Vid Vugrinec


Saya Ikegami, Valentina Štrok, Helena Troha, Ozana Mirković Blokar, Leda Šeparović, Mutsumi Matsuhisa, Lada Rora, Anamarija Marković, Dora Blaić, Lucija Radić Palinko, Petra Vargović Stanciu, Tihana Trupeljak Bujanić, Rizumu Tanaka, Cristiana Rotolo, Ivančica Alajbeg, Dora Kovač, Paulina Žanetić, Mario Diligente, Adam Harris, Simon Yoshida, Yuho Yoshioka, Drew Jackson, Balint Rauscher, Arnau Velazquez Rodrigez, Hyuma Gokan, Pavel Savin, Vid Vugrinec, Dan Rus, Kornel Palinko

4 lunatics

Lucija Radić Palinko, Valentina Štrok / Cristiana Rotolo, Simon Yoshida, Mario Diligente / Balint Rauscher, Arnau Velazquez Rodrigez

Orchestra and Chorus of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb

Chorus master

Luka Vukšić

Head of Music

Ljudmila Šumarova

Concert masters

Mojca Ramušćak, Vlatka Peljhan

Piano solo

Viktor Čižić


Teo Visintin

Stage managers

Stage manager

Snježana Marasović



Henrik Ibsen – Edvard Grieg – Edward Clug

Coproduction of the CNT in Zagreb and the Slovene National Theatre in Maribor

In the second half of the 19th century, the great Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen created a character of a restless antihero Peer Gynt, an adventurer, liar and a notorious romantic who in the quest for his true self in his dreams and semi-mystical reality did not care about the hardships he left to those closest to him. Edvard Grieg, listening to Ibsen's poetry composed the most melodious and famous music overture and today, Solveig's Song is far more popular than the one that served as inspiration for it. Today, 150 years later, the story of Peer Gynt, rooted both in the folklore and in the unconscious, inspires numerous most diverse artists. The choreographer of the Slovene National Theatre in Maribor Edward Clug staged this famous drama work in his theatre in 2015, from an entirely different perspective, from the position of our epoch. Like Peer, man today lives on the junction of diverse mental epochs, and many believe how they were born for great things, they only need to comprehend from where they should take off. Even today it is important for many to pick between the motto be yourself and the motto of the trolls be pleased with yourself. Cultural codes are changing, relationships are breaking, threads are becoming thinner, but ... love continues to save and the devotion offered by Solveig is needed today more than ever before. The new, large ensemble performance at the Zagreb Ballet will be choreographed by Edward Clug, a frequent guest of the Zagreb Ballet with his unforgettable soloist and choreographic creations.