Igor Stravinski - Maša Kolar / Igor Stravinski - Edward Clug FIREBIRD/ PETRUSHKA

Two ballets that were a turning point in dance art had their first opening nights in Paris in 1910 and 1911. The composer Igor Stravinsky and choreographer Mikhail Fokin presented works inspired by Russian folklore, impressing, and enchanting the European and world audiences. The Firebird is a magic creature that brings luck but also misfortune to anyone who catches her. The plot follows the journey of the main hero, Prince Ivan who comes to the magic garden where he meets the Firebird. He captures her, but she convinces him that she will help him if he frees her.... This work had huge influence on the development of ballet and has shown how dance art is open to new composers and choreographers and presented to the world the young musician Stravinsky. This premiere will be choreographed by Maša Kolar, a contemporary Croatian choreographer. Petrushka is also another ballet title that is significant in the context of ballet history since it was in this work that Mikhail Fokin carried out his reform of ballet art, respectively, he changed some of the rules and conventions of classical ballet. This ballet talks of the traditional Russian puppet Petrushka that is made of straw and sawdust and apparently is not alive. But the puppet can come to life and even feel love. The music score is interlaced with grotesque and fantastic elements illustrating the colour and bustle of a fair, folk joy and passion. Edward Clug is the guest choreographer for this production on the stage of the CNT in Zagreb.