Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Cayetano Soto TCHAIKOVSKY 60 min




Cayetano Soto


Cayetano Soto i Dario Suša


Dario Suša

Costume and set designer

Cayetano Soto i Dario Suša

Lighting designer

Cayetano Soto i Dario Suša

Assistant lighting designer

Dalibor Fugošić

Assistant choreographer

Mikiko Arai

Assistant costume and set designer

Ana Aleksandra Buković

Ensemble of the performance


Michele Pastorini, Maria Matarranz de las Heras, Ali Tabbouch, Ksenija Krutova, Nicola Prato, Valentin Chou, Noa Gabriel Siluvangi, Tea Rušin, Laura Orlić, Jody Bet, Marta Voinea Čavrak, Antoine Salle, Anna Zardi, Janne Boere, Thomas Krähenbühl, Soyoka Iwata, Álvaro Olmedo, Leonardo De Santis, Milica Mučibabić, Rachele Cortopassi, Alejandro PoloMarta Kanazir Bagadur

Stage managers

Stage manager

Anca Zgurić

Ballet masters

Paula Rus, Daniele Romeo


Coproduction of the CNT in Zagreb and the CNT Ivan noble Zajc Rijeka

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is always associated with magnificent scenes from the most popular white ballets such as Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty or The Nutcracker. The young Spanish dancer and choreographer Cayetano Soto in his latest ballet project Tchaikovsky goes a step further. Inspired with the image and work of the great composer, he creates a contemporary ballet work through which he wishes to depict the life journey of this unhappy and exceptionally productive composer, guided by the facts and mysteries that shaped this unique artistic soul and mind of one of the greatest late romantic music authors. The composer's extraordinary gift for melodiousness even today inspires and incites new generations of diverse artists in creating new works. 

Soto in his works undermines beauty in order to convey the content that lies hidden deep under the surface, just as Almodóvar does in his films. His choreographies are subtle, open and direct and demand exceptional technical readiness and imaginativeness from the dancers. His dance vocabulary is expressive with recognisable features, consisting of nuanced details and grotesque adaptations of classical ballet movements such as expressive hands and fingers and very complex, acrobatic pas de deuxs.