Peter Lund Hillary the witch goes to Opera

Hillary the witch goes to Opera

Hillary the witch enters a radio competition and wins two tickets for the opera, but she’s not sure whether she should celebrate. Opera? What could it be? With her witch skills Hillary finds an expert on opera, Maria Bellacanta, a fully qualified witch and opera singer. With her help, Hillary learns about notes, baton, répétiteurs and – above all – passion for singing. Simple and entertaining content, wonderful music, and the introduction of new content in a way that is interesting to and well-received by the youngest children made this performance extremely popular. Only three performers, with energetic acting and singing in the marvellous environment of the theatre foyer where the play is performed, present this cheerful story and the enchanting world of the opera. The play was voted the best performance of the 11th Naj, naj, naj festival, and Dora Lipovčan won the best actress award for the role of Hillary the Witch at the same festival in 2011.

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