Tito Strozzi Award granted to ballet performance Peer Gynt

Tito Strozzi Award granted to ballet performance Peer GyntFrom the theatre — 24. November 2023.

The Tito Strozzi Award for the theatre season 2022/2023 was granted to ballet Peer Gynt performed by the Ballet, Orchestra and Chorus of the CNT in Zagreb.  The members of the Jury of the award that carries the name of our great theatre master, director, translator and writer Tito Strozzi are Zdenka Weber, Jagoda Martinčević, Željka Turčinović, Tomislav Čadež, members and Ljiljana Gvozdenović, president. The award is granted for the best premiere in Drama, Opera and Ballet put on the repertoire of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb in the previous season.

Award Summary

Peer Gynt skilfully connects all the elements of literary and music works of Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Grieg into a new entity told through the medium of dance in the vocabulary of choreographer Edward Clug.

The entire romantic side of the story, filled with legends and myths whose characters with dancing skilfulness travel through diverse worlds in order to comprehend at the end of their journey the truth of the essence of life and their personal existence, is performed with exquisite artistic power of the entire ensemble that identified itself with each and every of the numerous characters. By connecting dance movement with the exceptional music performance of the Orchestra and Chorus, complementing it with costumes and sets, the performance turned into a miraculous theatrical act worthy of the award it has been granted.

Listening to Peer say: … think for a moment, in wishing to stop time by jumping and dancing, we are stopping this moment congratulating all the participants of this theatrical magic that, we believe, we shall keep watching on the stage for a long time.

For the Jury: Ljiljana Gvozdenović

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