An evening of Angelin Preljocaj performed by the Ballet of the CNT in Split

An evening of Angelin Preljocaj performed by the Ballet of the CNT in SplitBallet — 28. September 2023.

On October 8, 2023, the Zagreb audience will be able to see a guest performance of the Ballet of the CNT in Split that will perform a double bill choreographed by Angelin Preljocaj, the great world-renowned choreographer of contemporary dance. In the first part they will perform La Stravaganza that deals with the theme of immigration in which the past intertwines with the future, while the second work Noces questions the wedding rituals.

La stravaganza is a ballet for twelve dancers that first premiered in 1997 with the New York City Ballet. Inspired by historical migrations of Europeans into America, La Stravaganza through an innovative artistic approach examines the conflict of cultures of the Old and the New continent. European immigrants dance to the music of contemporary electroacoustic composers, while members of the New World dance to the music of Vivaldi. Preljocaj presents the baroque Europe and the contemporary America visually and through movement, sound and music.

Noces is inspired by the concept of the traditional wedding; he explores the topic of marriage and the complex dynamics of human relations. Preljocaj combines traditional and contemporary elements in order to create an enchanting scene of love, passion and emotional intensity. The choreography connects fluid and expressive movements with powerful and dramatic sequences, transferring the range of emotions in the context of a wedding. In group interactions and intimate duets there is dynamics among the individuals and collective energy in a community. Preljocaj's unique artistic standpoint and the innovative approach to choreography create a visually impressive performance that absorbs both the dancers and the spectators. Stravinsky's music used in Noces is the key segment of this work.

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