Winfried Radeke - Peter Lund

Hillary the Witch and the Aggrieved Double Bass

After eight seasons and almost one hundred performances, Hillary the Witch goes to the Opera receives its sequel. The Zagreb Opera is preparing Hillary the Witch and the Aggrieved Double Bass after the text of the same author Peter Lund, in the translation of Helena Lucić Šego, in the adaptation of Dina Vukelić and music arrangement of Mario Mirković.

The director is Krešimir Dolenčić, the music director is Josip Šego and the cast is Mirta Zečević (Hillary, the Witch), Ivanka Boljkovac (Maria Bellacanta, opera singer) and Tvrtko Stipić (Mister Pultek, orchestra andant).

From Sunday, March 4, 2018 all those interested and thirsty of new knowledge about opera, will be able to follow the new adventures of their favourite opera witch in the beautiful theatre Foyer. The entertaining content and beautiful music will be presented to the youngest spectators by three performers in a simple manner or to use the words of Hillary: Opera has a story – just as a movie has a story or a videogame or a book. Ask me anything about the opera, I know everything because Maria taught me. I can be the first witch that is a doctor for the opera. I even have one libretto in my mind. That means a text for the opera. My first opera would go like this…

Director: Krešimir Dolenčić

Premiere 04. march 2018.



director: Krešimir Dolenčić, ensemble: Mirta Zečević, Ivanka Boljkovac, Tvrtko Stipić