Bedřich Smetana - Patrice Bart

Elisabeth of Austria – Sissi

Elisabeth was the daughter of Duke Maximilian Joseph and Princess Ludovika of Bavaria. At 17 she married Emperor Franz Joseph I. She was known for her beauty and elegance, wrote poetry, studied Greek and traveled constantly. She was known throughout Europe for her unconventional behavior. She was killed by an Italian assassin in Geneva in 1898. We follow her turbulent life from the moment she meets the young Emperor Franz Joseph and arrives at the Viennese court. Elisabeth had difficulty adapting to the strict court etiquette, for it conflicted with her character. She never accepted the rigid court rules. Luxury and wealth did not make her happy. Her entire life she longed for peace and freedom, which she could never have. She wrote down her feelings in her diary: I wander this world alone / Shunning all of life’s pleasures / Nobody to share my time with / Never have I found my soul mate. The famous German dramaturge Christiane Theobald will lead us through the life story of one of the most intriguing and most beautiful of world empresses, which the master of ballet Patrice Bart will narrate with his choreographic and directorial signature, employing a big ballet ensemble for this art project. The world renowned Italian composer and conductor Ermanno Florio is in charge of the musical arrangement and will create the musical plot to the selected neo-romanticist works of the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana.

PATRICE BART is a renowned French ballet dancer, choreographer, pedagogue and a longtime member of the Board of Ballet at the Opéra National de Paris, where he has spent his entire career. Since 1993 Bart has been directing and choreographing ballets in the biggest European theaters. He has successfully staged the ballet Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev at the CNT Ballet.

ERMANNO FLORIO is a world famous composer, conductor and violinist born in Italy. In his early childhood he moved to Canada, where he majored in violin. After graduation he started composing and conducting. He has conducted all of the great Canadian orchestras, and he often works in the USA and throughout Europe.

Choreographed and directed by Patrice Bart
Music by Bedřich Smetana
Music selected and arranged by Ermanno Florio
Conducted by Ermanno Florio /Dian Tchobanov