Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Così fan tutte

Continuing the collaboration with the Zagreb Academy of Music into the new season, Mozart’s opera buffa Così fan tutte ossia la scuola degli amanti / Thus Do All (Women) or Women Are Like That will premiere at the Zagreb National Theatre. Così fan tutte is among Mozart’s last three operas, and was commissioned by the Viennese court, wanting to provide Emperor Joseph II with his favorite entertainment as he was dying of tuberculosis. The opera was created in a very short time, the first dress rehearsal was on January 20, and the world premiere was on January 26, 1790. As Joseph II died only 25 days later, further performances were suspended and continued later in the summer. It was staged again in Vienna following Mozart’s death in 1794, but in a German adaptation. There is less information about the creation of this work and its first performance than about other Mozart works, and authentic documents and reviews are lacking. It is possible that there is no record of the premiere because of the content of the work, as it was considered scandalous, immoral and offensive to women. Although by today’s standards Lorenzo da Ponte’s libretto seems naïve in its treatment of the eternal theme of infidelity, or the exchanging of lovers, until the nineteenth century it was considered quite vulgar to propose that women were fickle, or that they would easily betray their fiancés and marry another. However, the libretto did not lessen the composer’s individuality and, according to many, Mozart’s music for this opera reached its most beautiful, wittiest and most delightful heights. The exceptionally talented generation of students of the Academy of Music will undoubtedly rise to the great challenge of this work, and it will be directed by Dora Ruždjak Podolski. Again, joining the Academy of Music students for this operatic project will be colleagues from the Academy of Dramatic Art, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Textile Technology, and the School of Design of the Faculty of Architecture.

Production of  The Zagreb Academy of Music in collaboration with The Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb