Hillary the Witch Goes to the Opera

Children’s opera Hillary the Witch Goes to the Opera is on the repertoire on Sunday, March 11 2018. at 11 a.m. in the Foyer of the CNT in Zagreb.

The stage director is Ivan Leo Lemo, set designer Vesna Režić, costume designer Mirjana Zagorec and the composer is Zvonimir Dusper. The cast is Dora Lipovčan, (Hillary, the Witch), Gorana Biondić Ruško (Maria Bellacanta, opera singer) and Kristijan Potočki (Vili, the black cat).

A simple and amusing plot, beautiful music, presentation of new things in an interesting manner acceptable to even very young children make this performance extremely popular. Only three performers with their in-depth playing and acting in the lavish ambience of the theatre’s Foyer present this merry story and succeed to create the magnificent world of opera. This unique opera intended for the youngest of spectators, for those who are yet to become opera lovers, was adapted and rearranged by Ivan Leo Lemo. In 2011, the performance had been proclaimed best performance of the 11th naj, naj, naj festival, and Dora Lipovčan was awarded as best actress for the role of witch Hillary at the same festival. After four seasons and more than 70 performances in the theatre and on tours, Peter Lund’s Hillary the Witch Goes to the Opera readily awaits its youngest spectators even this season.