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Paul Mason, in the Philosophical Theatre

After the appearance of musician M.I.A in the Philosophical Theatre who sold out the auditorium of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb in only one day, the next guest of this popular programme of the central theatre in Croatia was the prominent British journalist and writer Paul Mason. He appeared in the Philosophical Theatre on March 4, 2018. The host of the Philosophical Theatre that talked with Paul Mason on March 4, 2018 was, as always, philosopher Srećko Horvat.

Paul Mason, the awarded editor for economic affairs at Channel 4 News is a regular columnist of the British Guardian and the author of Postcapitalism: A Guide to our Future, that has been translated into twenty languages (including Croatian). He is known to the wider audiences for his theory on post-capitalism in which he foresees how the current digital and IT revolution contain a potential for radical transformations of the existing economy that would not be based on the exploitation of the work force, private ownership, entire control and narcissism of social networks.

In his announcement of the new guest, the editor and host of the Philosophical Theatre Srećko Horvat said: Regardless whether you are among those that see an opportunity for emancipation in Facebook or among those who see an Orwellian dystopia in new technologies the fact is that we cannot imagine a world without technology or think about it. Paul Mason not only deals with this complex subject, but also offers possible solutions for the way out of the deep crisis of mankind.

Beside marking British and world journalism throughout the past two decades, he asserted himself as one of the leading theoreticians and critics of modern capitalism and is present even in modern theatre art. A performance created after his literary text about the global protests from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, had been premiered at the cult London theatre Young Vic where Mason also did some acting.

The host of the Philosophical Theatre that will converse with Paul Mason on March 4, 2018 will be as always, philosopher Srećko Horvat.