Molière’s Tartuffe back on the repertoire

Tartuffe by J. B. P. Molière, directed by Eduard Miller is back on the repertoire on March 14, 2018.

The text was translated by Vladimir Gerić and Žanina Mirčevska is responsible for the adaptation and the dramaturgy. The set designer is Branko Hojnik and the costume designer is Jelena Proković.

The cast is Mislav Čavajda (Tartuffe), Goran Grgić (Orgon), Vlasta Ramljak (Madame Pernelle, mother of Orgon), Livio Badurina (Cleante, brother-in-law of Orgon), Ivan Colarić (Damis, son of Orgon), Luca Anić (Mariane, daughter of Orgon), Nikša Kušelj (Valère, Mariane’s suitor), Jadranka Đokić (Dorine, family housemaid), Nina Violić (Elmire, wife of Orgon), Mirta Zečević (a bailiff) and Lana Barić (President). A well-off merchant Orgon invites into his family Tartuffe, a new friend despite the opposition of the entire household. The man who enchanted Orgon and his mother to them seems pious, humble, moral, considerate and virtuous, but to the rest of the family he is just a fraud, liar and hypocrite. There are many comic situations in the conflicts and family disagreements, and the plot becomes even more complex when Orgon decides that Tartuffe should marry his daughter. But Tartuffe cast his eye on Orgon’s wife, and when Orgon is finally convinced of Tartuffe’s indecent intentions, it seems too late. But thanks to the King and his intervention the family honour and estate are saved at the very last moment. Tartuffe is one of the most popular comedies written by Molière that had caused boisterous reactions at its world opening night in 1664 and had been banned twice.

Eduard Miler, a Slovenian director graduated from the Theatre Academy in Stuttgart in 1977. After an acting career in German and Austrian theatres he started directing and successfully staged many performances throughout Germany, Austria, Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia. He was the artistic director of the Slovene Small Theatre and the Slovene National Theatre in Ljubljana and since 2014, he has been the artistic coordinator of the Slovene Theatre in Trieste.