The Nutcracker

In the 120 years since its premiere, the popularity of The Nutcracker has been growing constantly with audiences worldwide. Today, it is the most frequently performed ballet in the world, and there is most likely not a single generation that has not grown up with it. The beautiful music by Tchaikovsky was completely harnessed by the great choreographer Marius Petipa, who, as a great expert on ballet, gave Tchaikovsky directions to create a musical score, and his contribution in the creation of The Nutcracker has proved indelible. The story about a girl named Clara, who finds an unusual present under the Christmas tree, a wooden nutcracker with which she goes on magical adventures in a fantasy world, was taken from E. T. A. Hoffman’s tale adapted by Alexandre Dumas, the father. The person whom Clara has to thank for all of her adventures is her Uncle Drosselmeyer, a man of magical powers… više

Peter Pan

Exactly fifty years after the first premiere in Zagreb, Croatian composer Bruno Bjelinski’s Peter Pan returns to the stage that it was created for, in order to celebrate its big birthday. The story about a boy who doesn’t want to grow up, one of the most popular children’s stories of all time, was first told much earlier, and has been retold to generations of children ever since 1904, when the famous writer James M. Barrie introduced it as a theatre play in London. It has since been adapted numerous times for stages and silver screens, shown as an animated film, and daydreamed about by the beds of its first young readers. “I’m youth, I’m joy, (…) I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg,“ says Peter Pan, and once again, over a hundred years later, he takes Wendy, John, and Michael on an exciting flight to Neverland, where he fights courageously… više

Romeo and Juliet

The famous ballet Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev was created after Shakespeare’s drama, one of the most beautiful, tragic and widely read stories in the history of world literature. Many composers have written music for ballets or operas about the unlucky lovers who meet their deaths at a tragically young age because of the dispute between their families, the Capulets and the Montagues. Prokofiev’s ballet, for which he also wrote most of the libretto, belongs to the classics of the ballet art form. This masterpiece of exquisite and rich artistic expression made it possible for Shakespeare’s characters to dance, which brought a completely new dimension to them. This ballet, first premiered in 1940, marks a new page in ballet history. The newest version of this ballet will be presented on the Zagreb stage by Patrice Bart, in a production guided by his characteristic… više

Dark Landscapes – Bolero

The first premiere of the new season of Zagreb’s Ballet will be two contemporary original dance pieces: Dark Landscapes, by Marjana Krajač, and Bolero, by Maša Kolar. Both will have their first premiere on the same evening. As part of our constant efforts to include both local and recent ballet pieces in the repertoire, we will present the works of two contemporary and already established Croatian choreographers. Although both are well known to the admirers of the contemporary dance scene, this will be their first collaboration with the Zagreb ballet ensemble on the stage of the Croatian National Theatre. DARK LANDSCAPES DARK LANDSCAPES is a choreographic poem about dark traces, intuitive spaces and areas of disappearance. In another words, everything that is inscribed in to the world that has not yet found its possible form. Amplitudes of imagination that are creating deep volumes… više

Swan Lake

Certainly today’s most popular ballet blanc, the piece that has become synonymous with the art of classical ballet, had become forgotten after an unsuccessful first premiere in 1877 in Saint Petersburg, and was one of the biggest disappointments of the ingenious composer Tchaikovsky’s life. The choreographer didn’t understand the dramaturgy nor the music, stating that it is partially undanceable, and the prima ballerina performed numbers from other ballets that had nothing to do with the piece. It wasn’t until 1894, thanks to the famous choreographer Marius Petipa, as well as Lev Ivanov, that the piece was, in part, performed again. Unfortunately, this was after Tchaikovsky’s death, at the memorial production dedicated to the composer. The first complete, and spectacular production of the ballet was in 1895, in Saint Petersburg’s Mariinsky theatre. Ever… više

The Glembays

Miroslav Krleža’s most famous drama text, The Glembays, is set to receive its ballet version in the new season. The story begins with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Glembay Bank, in the palace of old Glembay, the head of the family and the founder of the bank. The entire family reunites after a long time, including the estranged son Leone, who decided not to take over the family business, and had instead become a painter. He returns to Zagreb after eleven years, and cannot resist sarcastically narrating the family’s history, which begins with a crime committed in 1790, when a Glembay robbed and murdered a goldsmith in the Vinica woods, and continues with illicit business and personal transactions, and theatrical means of degeneration: spasms, neuroses, sleeping aids and Browning weapons. During the first night, in the thunderstorm, Leone has a terrible fight… više