Men of Wax by Mate Matišić

The awarded performance Men of Wax by Mate Matišić directed by Janusz Kica that had its world premiere at the end of 2016, received great acclaim, both from the local and international audiences and official critics. At the International Festival of Small Stages in Rijeka the author Mate Matišić was awarded a prize for the best drama text. At Days of Marulić the performance was granted the Award for best performance and Janusz Kica for best stage director; the award for best actor went to Goran Grgić for the role of Viktor. The performance was also granted thStory Hall of Fame 2017 award of magazine Story as the best performance of the year. At the 41st Fadil Hadžić Days of Satire, the performance received four awards and one acknowledgment: the Best script award went to Mate Matišić, the Best stage direction award went to Janusz Kica, the Ivo Serdar Award for a role best accepted by the audience went to Ksenija Marinković, one of five equal acting awards went to Alma Prica and the special acknowledgment for stage design went to Studio Numen and Ivana Jonke. The 2017 Tito Strozzi Award of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb was granted to Goran Grgić for the role of Viktor while Siniša Popović received the Croatian Theatre Arts’ Award for the supporting role of Nikola.

Men of Wax is again on the repertoire on April 3, 2018.

The performance will be given at the Istrian National Theatre in Pula on March 30, 2018 and on August 23 and 24, 2018 at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

The stage director is our regular guest artist Janusz Kica, the composer is Tamara Obrovac, the set designer is Numen, the costume designer is Doris Kristić, assistant stage director is Arija Rizvić, assistant set designer is Vanja Magić, assistant costume designer is Mia Nejc Prajninger and the light designer is Aleksandar Čavlek.

The cast is Goran Grgić, Ana Begić, Ksenija Marinković, Ivan Jončić, Slavko Juraga, Luka Dragić, Luka Dragić, Siniša Popović, Ivan Glowatzky, Milan Pleština, Silvio Vovk, Kristijan Potočki, Alen Šalinović, Jelena Perčin, Alma Prica, Damir Markovina, Vanja Matujec, Iva Mihalić, Katija Zubčić, Barbara Vicković, Olga Pakalović, Ivana Boban and Dora Lipovčan.

In the first part of this drama triptych titled Devotee, Viktor, a drama writer and scriptwriter, ex-rock guitar player and pop-rock star of the ex-state lives with his wife Ana. But their daily routine is suddenly completely turned upside down by the visit of Victor’s fan from his rock days who brings amazing news. The events proceed with great speed leading to an unexpected peak when secrets from some previous lives are revealed, leaving traces on each participant of these events. In the second part titled The First Moslem in the Village, Viktor returns to his home village Ričice in Dalmatinska Zagora for a short vacation. But, instead of several calm evenings in his village he experiences incredible events; a funeral of a young man who died in a car accident, an arranged marriage with a fake bride from abroad and encounters with villagers who have very specific views on life… The third part titled Under the Wig, takes place back in the city in Viktor’s apartment. He is getting ready to travel to Graz for a book promotion when a call from his friend Jasna causes unrest in him and his family. A dying woman asks of Viktor an enormous favour, and at first he is unable to cope with it. Things develop almost like in a melodramatic crime novel with an entirely unexpected finale. A new drama text of this versatile artist Mate Matišić is an unusual cross-section of the current Croatian society and in it, the present and the past, primitivism, nostalgia, moral doubts and the daily life which in some moments turns into pure madness as if detached from the Earth, intertwine. Matišić is a writer who does not run from the present, on the contrary, he is one of the few Croatian authors who systematically with a dose of black humour, reveals and presents all our flaws, delusions, lies and illusions, mercilessly questioning the pulse of the nation he constantly keeps provoking and poking. He is an adamantine author whose drama texts have been performed all throughout Europe and movies, recorded after his scripts, have been awarded at numerous local and international festivals. In this text he explores the thin line between reality and imagination, dreams and hallucinations, texts and reality, offering the possibility of insight into the hidden corners of our memories as well as our insane dreams. The Drama of the CNT in Zagreb has the honour to premiere his new text.

Mate Matišić, drama writer and scriptwriter, composer and musician graduated from the University of Law in Zagreb. He writes dramas and scripts, composes music for the theatre and movies and plays several instruments. His dramas have been performed in Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Russia. He is the author of numerous movies scripts among which are Fine Dead Girls, When the Dead Sing, The Priest’s Children. He is a professor of script writing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.

Janusz Kica, stage director born in Wroclaw completed theatre studies in Krakow and continued his education in Germany where his professional career began. He directed many performances in almost all Croatian theatres and he is a regular guest director in Austria and Germany. For the Drama of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb he staged large-scale ensemble performances such as Trilogy on Holidays of Goldoni, and Wraths of Dostoevsky.

Party after the world opening night of Men of Wax

After the world premiere of the drama suite in three movementsMen of Waxwritten by Mate Matišić on Friday, December 30, 2016 there was an after-party which numerous artists and cultural officials attended along the production team.