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The new season of the Philosophical Theatre announced

This year’s programme of the Philosophical Theatre was announced at the press conference held on October 10, 2016 at the CNT in Zagreb by the editor and leader of the Philosophical Theatre Srećko Horvat and the general manager of the CNT in Zagreb Dubravka Vrgoč.

In its previous editions, the Philosophical Theatre has positioned itself as one of the most interesting intellectual-theatrical programmes in Croatia that, in a special combination of philosophy and theatre brought some of the leading intellectuals, directors and actors of today to the CNT in Zagreb: from the famous Vanessa Redgrave to the economist Thomas Piketty and from Slavoj Žižek to Margarethe von Trotta. The New Adventures of Don Quixote directed by Paolo Tišljarić after the text of Tariq Ali was also premiered and already next year, the long awaited Žižek’s Antigone directed by Angela Richter shall also be premiered.

Rhapsody for the Theatre, a book by the French philosopher Alain Badiou was also published as a special edition of the CNT in Zagreb for the Philosophical Theatre.

The famous British-Pakistani intellectual Tariq Ali is the first guest of the new season of the Philosophical Theatre that opens on October 30, 2016 together with the performance of his Don Quixote. Ali was born in Lahore which was under the British rule at the time and a part of India. Due to his oppositional view toward the Pakistani dictatorship during the 1960s, he found a permanent exile in Great Britain. He studied at Oxford and during the 1960s he was an icon for student protests around the world.

Other guests who will participate in the Philosophical Theatre in the following months are sociologists Zygmunt Bauman and Alexandra Kania, the Italian philosopher Franco B. Bifo and Bobby Gillespie, singer of the cult rock band Primal Scream, who is inspired with Bifo’s philosophy, but special interest of the Croatian audience will definitely be aroused by the arrival of the controversial ex-Greek Minister of Finance – Yanis Varoufakis!

The editor and philosopher Srećko Horvat commented the new season of the Philosophical Theatre: In the overall atmosphere of disintegration of all social values, from the strengthening of nationalisms throughout Europe to Donald Trump, the Philosophical Theatre through a combination of radical economy, philosophy and this year even rock – shall attempt to offer new alternatives and a view of the world that is often scarce here in Croatia.