In the family tomb, the entirely devastated Lady Capulet is desperately crying over the grave of her young daughter Juliet who took her life after Romeo killed himself believing Juliet is dead. Lady Capulet recollects the events that preceded this terrible tragedy that was caused by the long-time hatred between the two powerful Veronese families, the Capulets and the Montagues.

Act One 

On the streets of Verona, the young Romeo of the Montague family runs into his friend Mercutio whose company eases Romeo’s love troubles he is experiencing because of the inapproachable Rosaline. Although he is trying to cheer his friend, Mercutio is also jealous because Rosaline does not think highly of him.

Tybalt and Benvolio arrive and are followed by other members of the Capulets and the Montagues. While Tybalt, the nephew of Lord Capulet is constantly in an open fight with the young members of the Montague family, Benvolio who is a friend to both parties, tries to calmly avoid the conflict and always turns everything into a joke. But only a higher power can calm down the fight between these reputable town families. Tybalt who openly manifests his rage and intolerance becomes a victim of his own aggression and violence.

In the meantime, Juliet with the help of her mother and the Nurse is preparing for the Ball in the Capulet mansion. At the Ball, Count Paris is going to propose to her and their wedding will be announced. Tybalt arrives. He has feelings for Lady Capulet who is returning his affection because she loved him before marrying Lord Capulet. While they talk Juliet notices how their relationship surpasses mere family affection.

Mercutio is invited to the Capulet Ball and wishes to bring along his friends Romeo and Benvolio. On their way, Romeo sees Rosaline again and she is the reason why he agrees to enter the home of his enemies. The young men decide to wear masks.

At the Ball after their initial dance while the guests are still arriving, Juliet and Paris are getting acquainted. In the crowd, Romeo and Juliet set eyes on each other for the first time and while dancing their first dance, they fall in love at first sight. Lady Capulet dances with Tybalt, but they stop when Tybalt, in masked Romeo, recognises a member of the Montague family. Benvolio convinces Romeo that they leave the Ball in order to avoid a conflict. That same night, Romeo jumps over the Capulet garden fence to see the girl that has enchanted him completely. He climbs to the balcony of her room where Juliet equally years for Romeo. In the moonlight Romeo swears eternal love giving Juliet his entire heart. They agree on their next encounter.

Act Two

The romantic, but supressed Romeo comes to the town square filled with the usual daily crowd and young people. Juliet’s Nurse is pushing herself through the busy crowd carrying a message for Romeo from his beloved Juliet. In the note, Juliet suggests that they secretly marry as soon as possible. Romeo immediately sets up a meeting at Friar Laurence’s.

In great haste Friar Laurence marries Romeo and Juliet in the chapel. The young couple must part immediately, but they agree on a nocturnal encounter in Juliet’s chamber.

A carnival procession is gathering at the town square. Romeo also arrives with his friends to join the festivities. The merriness is interrupted by Tybalt who as usual is seeking for a fight and unsheathes his sword. The good atmosphere turns into a fight in which Tybalt fatally wounds Mercutio from the back. Although Romeo tries to avoid Tybalt’s provocations, the death of his best friend blinds his mind and in revenge he challenges Tybalt to a duel and kills him. Lady Capulet who arrives to the town square to enjoy the carnival comes right at the end of the double tragedy. She cannot accept the fact that her beloved Tybalt is dead and does not try to conceal her deep pain.

After the duel, Romeo is banished from Verona and plans to ride off to Mantua, but before he leaves he must bid farewell to his loved one. He sneaks into Juliet’s room where they spend their first and only night together. At dawn of the new day announced by a bird’s song, the young lovers barely have time to say goodbye before Lady Capulet arrives. She must persuade Juliet to marry Paris because that is what Lord Capulet desires. Juliet seeks help from Friar Laurence who gives her a potion with which she can feign her own death and avoid the marriage.

At the Capulet mansion bustling preparations are under way for the upcoming wedding. Having remained alone Juliet is unsure whether to drink the potion or not. In her thoughts she deliberates on her own mother who loved Tybalt, but married Lord Capulet because this marriage was more suitable. These thoughts give her the strength and she drinks the potion. She falls asleep on the bed. It is morning and Paris arrives with his friends, but convinced that Juliet is still asleep leaves. Lady Capulet comes into her room to prepare her for the wedding, but only finds her lifeless body on the bed.

Although Friar Laurence had immediately sent a letter to Romeo in which he informed him about Juliet’s fake death, Romeo had never received it. His friend Benvolio brings him the tragic news that Juliet is dead. Romeo immediately rushes off to Verona. He wishes to bid farewell from his loved one before taking his own life by drinking a poison on the bier where her lifeless body is lying. Juliet wakes up at the moment when Romeo is passing away and they only have time for their last kiss; she stabs herself with her husband’s dagger.


The story ends with the mourning of Lady Capulet in the family tomb. Would such a tragedy have occurred had it not been for the insurmountable hatred between the two families?