Part One – Year 2011

March 11, 2011: As a consequence of the earthquake and the Tsunami that have hit Japan, several nuclear reactors in Fukushima triggered nuclear fusion which resulted in a nuclear disaster.

In which manner to talk about something that is the worst of anything possible? Perhaps like this: a dog enters the stage and howls until his death in front of the spectators. Or, perhaps like this: two performers A and B (are they individual musicians or are they like us, energy consumers?) must imagine they are right in the centre of the disaster, not before nor after. All until the very end, in their conscience and in their souls, they disavow the facts: We are here and we perform, nothing more. We are the second violins, we only accompany or do something similar, we have never been, nor are we there. The dead ineffectually attempt to be heard, but no-one hears them. In the diabolic ending of the first part, performers A and B decide to act as they did at the beginning, spending immense energy: How can you imagine a nuclear disaster? Nohow! We continue to radiate. We are no longer we, but radiation. What do you think?


Second part – Year 2012

Entire regions cease to be habitable. Only a few people and animals are left. One grieving woman is feeding dogs; that is all that she has left from her life.

A and B appear, denying all responsibility. We are in the present together with them in another part of the world, in the midst of pondering about how it is too late to leave nuclear energy – Why has no-one thought about this before? – We have not the slightest clue, they say. They enter their diesel car and leave … Not a single word of truth has been spoken – sobs the saddened woman, appalled with such hypocrisy. Her lamentation is lost in the distance. In return, nuclear energy has ceremoniously been put on cell phones and connected to a flow of energy. There are no discounts. Therefore, why, even at the brink of world decline is everything reduced to a good selfie? Only when everything collapses and electricity disappears, will it become clear that such a way cannot continue. But, this conclusion does not have a lasting effect and everything returns to a normal state.


Third part – Year 2017

The spirits of the dead take us to year 2017. Have we learned anything? Has finally everything turned for the better? We watch them: a King is tweeting since he has found out that China or North Korea are to be blamed for the overheating of the planet? In short: We have rockets, we can use them.

Atoms are no longer enclosed in nuclear plants; they have become a weapon of war, ready for usage. Common sense has knuckled under technology. Man who inhabits the Earth, sings the grieved woman, be on your guard – and then disappears like all the others and joins the spirits of the victims.  

A and B save themselves in virtual visions: they leave Earth and depart for Mars. The concept of humans on Earth has definitely perished. The party is over and the musicians are the last to leave the stage. Only the howls of the dogs remain.

Nicolas Stemann