Josip Kosor

The Woman

In a tavern in Dalmatia, two men sit at a table playing cards. The stakes rise and eventually one of them puts money on the table and the other wagers his wife. In the masterly depicted contest between the two men, we discover the background to that conflict including the legend of their great-grandfathers’ crimes, even though it is really all about their mutual animosity.

In another cafe, in Paris, the city of light, the fight is not just over a beautiful woman, it’s also a conflict between Europe and America, that is between materialism and idealism. The woman in the end makes a decision to go with the American in order to save the impoverished artists, accused of theft, from unpleasant consequences. In two dramatic texts The Woman and Café du Dôme, under the joint title of The Woman, Kosor focuses on his characters’ psychologies, but doesn’t shy away from the world around him either, anticipating future wars and humanity’s problems. The questions posed by the author concern some of the dilemmas of the present, and compromise, as a condition for life is also put under scrutiny. The play is full of wondrous elements, from the set design to costume and music, and the actors’ performances have won great approval from critics and audiences.

–Magelli’s work with the ensemble brings out totally new accomplishments and qualities from every single actor involved. –

Novi List, March 2016

Magelli’s lesson on how Kosor is still a very relevant author.

Večernji List, March 2016

Director: Paolo Magelli

Premiere 04. march 2015.




NEBOGIĆ – Livio Badurina
LIMUNKA – Lana Barić
UDARIĆ – Nikša Kušelj
OSTRVIĆ – Milan Pleština
ŽATINIĆ – Goran Grgić
PATRON– Zijad Gračić
KONOBAR – Ivan Vukelić
LISTONOŠE – Ivan Colarić, Silvio Mumelaš
AGNEZA – Petra Svrtan
ELZA – Iva Mihalić
INDIRA – Jelena Perčin
DESANKA – Ana Begić
MARIJA – Dora Lipovčan


DAMA – Lana Barić
AMERIKANAC – Goran Grgić
PATRON – Zijad Gračić
KONOBAR – Ivan Vukelić

MARCEL – Milan Pleština
EMANUEL – Livio Badurina
ŽAN – Nikša Kušelj
ŽAK – Silvio Mumelaš

ŽANETA – Iva Mihalić
SUZETA – Ana Begić
ŽORŽETA – Dora Lipovčan
ELIZA – Jelena Perčin
MARIANA – Petra Svrtan