Miroslav Krleža


The Wolfhound marks the transition between Miroslav Krleža’s early expressionist phase and the more mature period in his opus. The play is thus packed with various theatrical and genre elements, making each staging of the play a unique theatrical event.

The story follows the fate of Krešimir Horvat, a war invalid, philosophy student and journalist who is disenchanted with urban life and decides to leave for the countryside, to the village of Vučjak to work as a teacher, naively believing he would have a peaceful life there. He gets involved in unhealthy relationships with all the wrong women and gets into conflict with the villagers. Horvat’s restless subconscious draws us into the phantasmagoria of his famous dream, and the drama advances to a thrilling conclusion in which there are no winners, only escapees. Vučjak (the wolfhound) isn’t only a name of a village, it is also a metaphor for our battles with our own fears, prejudices and primitivism.

This great ensemble piece provides an excellent anamnesis and a precise diagnosis of some old maladies of this region. Its strong points are the excellent performances, which vividly balance the comic and the tragic aspects of Krleža’s dramatic situations.

Ivica Buljan’s Wolfhound is convincing, brave, entertaining, well-crafted and relevant.

Jutarnji list, December 2014

The CNT Drama ensemble is in full swing in The Wolfhound, and the four hours of the play simply fly by!

Večernji list, December 2014

Stage director Ivica Buljan
Dramaturge Vlaho Bogisic
Composer Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar
Set designer Aleksandar Denic
Costume designer Ana Savic Gecan
Light design  Son:Da
Conditioning coach Marinko Petricevic
Assistant stage director Paolo Tisljaric
Assistant costume designer: Antonija Jaksic Dorotic
Assistant set designer: Ante Serdar



Polugan Bojan Navojec
Dr.  Zlatko Strelec Niksa Kuselj
Venger-Ugarkovic Livio Badurina
Chief sub-editor Damir Markovina
Sipusic Ivan Glowatzky
Sub-editor Alen Salinovic
Kresimir Horvat Silvio Vovk

Characters appearing in the first, second and third acts

Kresimir Horvat Silvio Vovk
Marijana Margetic Alma Prica
Eva Nina Violic
Juraj Kucic Goran Grgic
Vjekoslav Hadrovic Slavko Juraga
Pantelija Crnkovic Milan Plestina
Mitar Kristijan Potocki
Lukac Franjo Kuhar
Grga Tomerlin Dusan Bucan
Old Man Sinisa Popovic
Perekov Juro Ivan Glowatzky
Lazar Margetic Dragan Despot
Eva`s mother Ana Begic


Characters of the Intermezzo

Bride Marija Segvic
Father Slavko Juraga
Mother Ana Begic
Venger-Ugarkovic Livio Badurina
Chief sub-editor Damir Markovina
Polugan Bojan Navojec
Polugan`s wife Iva Mihalic
Marijana Margetic Alma Prica
Zlatko Strelec Niksa Kuselj
Waiter Juro Goran Grgic
Grga Tomerlin Dusan Bucan