Ferdinand Hérold - Ludwig Hertel

La Fille Mal Gardée

Premiere: May 9, 2009.

This popular comical ballet in two acts on the libretto of dancer Jean Bercher Damberval had its world-premiere in Bordeaux in 1789. A simple sentimental story of a young country couple in love, separated by the class differences, was created in the age of romantic literature and opera buffa and attracted several composers. In the past two centuries, the ballet had numerous stagings on the music of different authors, but today it is most often performed in two versions. The version from 1903, in the choreography of Alexander Gorski on the music of Peter Ludwig Hertel in the adaptation by Ricardo Drig, is based on the choreography of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov from the 19th century. A more modern version was staged by Frederic Ashton in The Royal Ballet in London in 1960, on the music of Louis Joseph Ferdinand Hérold and in adaptation by John Lauchbery from 1828. La fil mal gardée on the stage of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb will be choreographed by our guest from Florence, the artistic director of Ballet Firenze, Vladimir Derevianko.

Choreographer Vladimir Derevianko