Peter Lund

Hillary the Witch Goes to Opera

‘Theatre engages man in play and play is a divine activity of the human spirit. Opera sings about tales of love and love is a spontaneous play in which free will achieves its intuitive minimum. Having love as a law, we have imagination as our leader.’ These are the words of the director Lemo from the announcement of the premiere of this short opera play intended for young children, where he also defined opera as ‘music which comes from the far corners of the universe in order to tell its magical stories.’

Simple and entertaining content, wonderful music, and the introduction of new content in a way that is interesting to and well-received by children made the show Hillary the Witch Goes to Opera extremely popular, especially with younger children. Only three performers, with energetic acting and singing in the marvellous environment of the theatre foyer where the play is performed, present this cheerful story about a witch who falls in love with opera, convinced that there is nothing more enchanting than it in the whole world. This play succeeds in conjuring up the dazzling world of opera with very simple props and it is the only work in the opera repertoire intended for the very youngest of audiences. After six seasons and more than 80 performances at the theatre and guest performances elsewhere, Hillary the Witch Goes to Opera by Peter Lund is ready to welcome the youngest spectators in the upcoming season.

The play was voted the best performance of the 11th naj, naj, naj festival, and Dora Lipovčan won the best actress award for the role of Hillary the Witch at the same festival in 2011.


Director: Ivan Leo Lemo

Premiere 26. september 2010.
Trajanje predstave cca 45min.
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Hillary, vještica  Dora Lipovčan
Maria Bellacanta, operna pjevačica  Marija Kuhar Šoša
Vili, crni mačak  Kazuhiro Tamari