Concert of Matija Meštrović, Matija Dedić and Hakan Ali Toker

Vivaldi – 4 Seasons for 3 pianos

On the occasion of the publication of a CD distributed by the prestigiousNaxos, Vivaldi‘s baroque masterwork The Four Seasons will be presented in an entirely new and dynamic manner on October 15, 2017 at the CNT in Zagreb by three renowned pianists Matej MeštrovićMatijaDedić and Hakan Ali Toker. They will be accompanied by a special guest, the American pianist and composer Matthew Mayer. 
Matej Meštrović arranged four most popular Vivaldi‘s violin concertos for three pianos that he imbued with Balcan, gypsy and jazz rhythms and the music score is open even to improvisations in which each of the pianists has his own piano and original solo. 
Navona Recordsproudly presents theSeasons for Pianos of the Croatian pianist and composer Matej Meštrović in an energetic transcription that like a whirlwind offers a new interpretation of Vivaldi‘sFour Seasons. Together with Matija Dedić and Hakan Ali Toker on three pianos (and accordion), Meštrović fundamentally questions Vivaldi‘s concerts and his work is much more than mere transcription.Meštrović‘s radical arrangement almost develops into a new worksaid the American publisher Navona Records.