Hugo Viera

Variations in f.ado minor

Revival November 16, 2012

The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy once again the Portuguese fado that is the basis of the ballet performance Variations in F.ado Minor. The author Hugo Viera, of Portuguese origin himself, grew up with the nostalgic spirit and abundant emotions of fado that is listened to, observed and absorbed with the entire body. With this performance he succeeded to evoke many themes that are deeply enrooted in the soul of the Portuguese man, but equally applicable to all. The performance offers numerous short stories that contain many worlds of colours and nuances of different feelings that make up the endless world of fado. The music is based on recordings of the most popular Portuguese fado singers like Amália Rodriques or Marize with which the live interpretation of fado of our singer Jelena Radan completely became one. The choreography that leaves the impression of total spontaneity and freedom enabled all the dancers to realise their own personality by expressing their own emotions. Complete understanding and mutual trust of the author and the performers and their mutual plunging into the fateful world of fado generated a performance of the highest artistic impression.

Choreographer Director Hugo Viera
Set Designer Dinka Jeričević
Costume DesignersDženisa Pecotić, Emina Tataragić
Light Designer Deni Šesnić