Giuseppe Verdi

La Traviata

The popularity of Verdi’s tragic tale about the love between the courtesan Violetta Valéry – la Traviata – and Alfredo Germont does not fade. Based on Dumas’ The Lady of the Camellias, in which Germont falls hopelessly in love with one of the most popular courtesans of Paris, this is the most famous melodramatic opera. Their love is not approved of and Alfredo’s father begs Violetta to renounce his son for the sake of their family, which she does. In the finale, Violetta dies of tuberculosis in the arms of her beloved Alfredo. Verdi’s superb orchestration, wonderful chorus parts, lyrical love scenes, melodramatic conflicts and the tragic ending explain why this opera enchants audiences of all ages. Although set in the mid-nineteenth century, the story about an impossible love between a fallen woman and a wealthy young man is timeless. The sublimity of feeling, the unexpected dramatic plot twists and the tragedy of the main heroine have been attracting crowds for over a century.

— While Bareza is a master of details, weaving a magnificent and particularly nuanced operatic whole, Kica is a master of scenic tableaux and of human psychology, getting what he wants from each of his participants. —  

Jutarnji list, September 2015. 

— This experienced artist truly knows her character and so cannot suppress a human warmth coupled with a sparkling tear both in her eyes and in the musical phrases, never hiding her emotions while giving an impressive interpretation of Violetta’s fate… —  

Vijenac, September 2015.

Conductors: Nikša Bareza, Ivan J. Skender
Director: Janusz Kica





8. i 13.1.2016

FLORA BERVOIX – Helena Lucić Šego
ANNINA – Tanja Ruždjak
ALFREDO GERMONT – Nikša Radovanović/ Medet Chotabayev (13.1.)
GIORGIO GERMONT – Vitomir  Marof
GASTON DE LETORIÈRES – Božimir Lovrić/ Siniša Galović (13.1.)
BARUN DOUPHOL – Ozren Bilušić
MARKIZ D`OBIGNY – Antonio Brajković/ Alen Ruško (13.1.)
DOKTOR GRENVIL   Ivica Trubić/ Robert Palić (13.1.)
GIUSEPPE – Mario Bokun
SLUGA / LISTONOŠA – Ivan Šatalić