Friedrich Schiller

The Robbers

The 1781 world premiere of The Robbers was an instant success, bringing fame to its author Schiller, who was 22 years old at the time. Ever since, it has been continually staged and quoted as a literary classic. The play was influenced by the Romantic movement Sturm und Drang (Storm and Stress) which abandoned the classicist model of writing dramas. Schiller strived for complete freedom of expression, becoming one of the best representatives of German romanticism in literature.

The Robbers is a story of two brothers, their rivalry and jealousy, which cause a series of events which make one reflect on the eternal questions of humanity. Although such a plot retains typical features of its time period, it remains relevant today as it presses for the need for radical changes of the social order. The only question is: How? By slow planning or quick violence?

Vito Taufer directed The Robbers, employing something of a comic-strip technique, which only underlines the contemporariness of its expression, leaving enough space for extraordinary acting and musical performances from the whole ensemble.

The play is exceptionally well-thought-out, both on the part of the director and the actors. A wonderful surprise at the beginning of the season!

Vijenac, September 2014

There is no doubt that Bojan Navojec can achieve great quality of poetic performance, just as it is certain that he is capable of handling the strenuous effort of leading the CNT performing troupes.

Novi list, September 2014


Director: Vito Taufer



Maximilian von Moor Danko Ljuština
Karl/ Franz , njegovi sinovi Bojan Navojec
Amalia von Edelreich Iva Mihalić
Spiegelberg Milan Pleština
Schwarz Mirta Zečević
Roller Nikša Kušelj
Grimm Damir Markovina
Razmann Kristijan Potočki
Herman, nezakonit sin nekog plemića Luka Dragić
Daniel, sluga grofa Moora Ivan Jončić
Svećenik Livio Badurina
Inspicijent Roko Grbin
Šaptačica Višnja Kiš