Bruno Bjelinski – Giorgio Madia

Peter Pan

Exactly fifty years after the first premiere in Zagreb, Croatian composer Bruno Bjelinski’s Peter Pan returns to the stage that it was created for, in order to celebrate its big birthday. The story about a boy who doesn’t want to grow up, one of the most popular children’s stories of all time, was first told much earlier, and has been retold to generations of children ever since 1904, when the famous writer James M. Barrie introduced it as a theatre play in London. It has since been adapted numerous times for stages and silver screens, shown as an animated film, and daydreamed about by the beds of its first young readers. “I’m youth, I’m joy, (…) I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg,“ says Peter Pan, and once again, over a hundred years later, he takes Wendy, John, and Michael on an exciting flight to Neverland, where he fights courageously with Captain Hook and the frightening crocodile, where they meet fairies, pirates and Indians, Tiger Lily and her Indian prince… The vain little fairy, Tinker Bell, is always by their side, and the crowd of Lost Boys, Peter Pan’s clique, welcomes them warmly, in their own way. The new choreographic vision of Peter Pan was brought to the Zagreb stage by Giorgio Madia through his specific choreographic style that draws attention of the biggest European ballet theatres, where he worked on compelling theatrical productions for a younger audience, such as Alice’s Wonderland, and OZ – The Wonderful Wizard.

Conductor: Alan Bjelinski

Premiere 30. june 2015.




PETAR PAN: Kornel Palinko
ZVONČICA: Catarina Meneses
WENDY: Iva Vitić Gameiro
MICHAEL: Gianmarco Beoni
JOHN: Adam Harris
KAPETAN KUKA: George Stanciu
INDIJANSKI PRINC: Guilherme Gameiro Alves
IZGUBLJENI DJEČACI: Tomaž Golub, Kristian Manev, Andrea Schifano, Takuya Sumitomo, Sebastian Šimić, Simon Yoshida
GOSPOĐA DARLING: Milka Hribar Bartolović
SOLO VILA: Natalia Horsnell
VILE: Saya Ikegami, Mutsumi Matsuhisa, Miruna Miciu, Christiana Rotolo, Rebecca Smith, Valentina Štrok
GUSARI: Tatjana Andročec, Andrej Barbanov, Filip Filipović, Alen Gotal, Ioan Dumitru Moga, Andrija Palada, Domagoj Vrbljanin
INDIJANKE: Asuka Maruo, Ozana Mirković, Dunja Novković, Simona Unterajter, Daria Brdovnik Bukvić, Sanda Miš, Emilija Sorić, Iva Višak, Danijela Zobunđija
INDIJANCI: George Baldovin, Duilio Ingraffia, Ovidiu Muscalu, Dan Rus
KROKODIL: Denis Rubinić, Hrvoje Vidović