Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

The Nutcracker (Tschelkunschik)

Premiere: December 11, 2004

Homage to Waczlaw Orlykowski

Reconstruction of the show from 1970

The classical fairy-ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, The Nutcracker, with the story taking place at Christmas time, has traditionally been on the repertoire of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb for Christmas holidays ever since its first staging in December 1931. As one of the most popular ballets of all times, it always attracts millions of spectators all over the world, who eagerly expect the Nutcracker time. The Nutcracker is a ballet with more than 120 dancers of all ballet generations: students of the ballet school, soloists, retired ballet dancers, and it is udoubtedly from this generational variety, its merriness and wit that this fairy-ballet draws its charm.

The most recent staging by the Ballet of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb is a reconstruction of the show which was staged in 1970 by the renowned choreographer Waczlaw Orlykowski, whose work has left deep traces in the Croatian dance world. The reconstruction did not tend to alter the quality of the show thus the set of the German set designer Günther Schneider- Siemssen was faithfully copied in this staging as well, while the costumes were created by Ika Škomrlj and Diana Kosec-Bourek, respecting the original ideas of Leo Bei. In any case, The Nutcracker is a show many people try not to miss.

Libretto Marius Ivanovich Petipa (based upon the story of
Ernest Theodor Hoffmann adapted by Alexandre Dumas fils)
Choreographer and directorWaczlaw Orlykovski 
Choreography and directing adapted and transferred by
Vesna Butorac -Blaće, Dinko Bogdanić 
Conductors Ivan Repušić, Miroslav Salopek
Set Designer Günther Schneider-Siemssen
Costume Designers Ika Škomrlj, Diana Kosec-Bourek, 
with quotations of Leo Bei 
Assistant Conductor Silvana Čuljak 
Ballet MastersLjiljana Gvozdenović, Iraida Lukashova 
Show reconstruction and Production manager Žorž Draušnik 
Light Designer Josip Levačić 
Assistant Costume DesignerBarbara Bourek 
Ornaments Mirna Sporiš 
School for Classical Ballet attendants rehearsed by
Mirjana Dodig, Suzana Bačić 
Quire Conductor Ivan Josip Skender