Bobo Jelčić

At the End of the Week

The middle class as a representative of progressive values and socio-economic advancement is made the focal point of the play At the End of the Week. It raises the question of the connection between private and public impulses and the issue of the stability of the very foundations of our civil society.

After the disintegration of ideologies in this region a great social confusion emerged – the old principles no longer exist and new ones have not yet been established. This void is filled with unrealised desires and learned mechanisms of living, but somewhere underneath anxiety, rage and fear still remain.

Bobo Jelčić developed a special way of working with the actors who become co-authors of his plays by working together on their development. Through improvisations, a direct or indirect connection with the actors is established, as well as with the audience. In the actors, the audience recognises people from their everyday lives with whom they can relate to.

This is accompanied by emotions and humour, which are an integral part of Bobo Jelčić’ plays. Jelčić’ work is characterised by his focus on details and dramaturgically coarse scenes that always reflect a specific moment in the life of an individual, as well as of society.

Always interested in the miracle of everyday life and ordinary trifles, Bobo Jelčić creates situations that one easily connects and sympathises with as if they were one’s own. His plays have an unobtrusive, hidden poetry to them and lead to universal questions and reveal weak spots on the body of our togetherness.

Another theatrical masterpiece by a great director.

Večernji list, November 2015

Good things come in small packages: female beauty, perfumes and Bobo Jelčić’ play At the End of the Week.

Jutarnji list, November 2015

Director: Bobo Jelčić

Premiere 21. november 2015.



Livio Badurina
Ana Begić Tahiri
Jadranka Đokić
Goran Grgić
Ivan Jončić
Daria Lorenci Flatz
Damir Markovina
Vanja Matujec
Bojan Navojec