Marjan Nećak – Staša Zurovac


Inspired by the short story The Seven Wives of Bluebeard by the French Nobel Prize winner Anatole France, the original story Bluebeard by Charles Perrault, and Béla Balász’s libretto for Béla Bartók’s opera Bluebeard’s Castle, choreographer Staša Zurovac presents, with his characteristic sensibility, a ballet story of a legendary, unhappy and lonely character longing for true love. There is a great deal of parody, irony and humour in France’s short story, which is exactly why Zurovac wanted to create an entirely new interpretation of this famous subject. The original music by the contemporary Macedonian composer Marjan Nećak is another, equally important, inspiration for the ballet, which tells the story of young women enchanted by a mysterious stranger who lives in his secluded, magical and terrifying world, surrounded by bloody secrets. The subject of the original story is based on the repetition of horrendous crimes, which is a metaphor for the protagonist’s need to find affection and love. In Zurovac’s interpretation, it gains a new dimension, showing a man who relentlessly searches for true love, in an effort to overcome his agony.


— An offbeat, upside-down, Tim Burtonesque fairy tale. — 

24express, December 2015

— … brilliant choreography written in all of the languages of the body in which Zurovac is wonderfully fluent, from mimetic to contemporary dance expression… — 

Večernji list, November 2015


Choreography Staša Zurovac
Composer Marjan Nećak

Premiere 13. november 2015.




January 12. and 14.

Concierge: Nikša Kušelj
Modrobradi: Guliherme Alves Gameiro 
Colette Passage: Asuka Maruo
Jeanne de La Cloche: Pavla Pećušak
Gigonne Traignel: Iva Vitić Gameiro
Blanche de Gibeaumex: Iva Vitić Gameiro
Angèle de La Garandine: Rieka Suzuki
Alix de Pontalcin: Natalia Horsnell
Jeanne de Lespoisse: Atina Tanović
Sidonie de Lespoisse, majka: Mutsumi Matsuhisa
Anne de Lespoisse , sestra: Cristiana Rotolo 
Cosme de Lespoisse, brat: Ovidiu Muscalu
Pierre de Lespoisse, brat: Duilio Ingraffia
Vitez de la Merlus: Takuya Sumitomo
Medvjed: Kornel Palinko 
Sluga: George Stanciu
Sluge: Asuka Maruo, Catarina Meneses, Dunja Novković, George Baldovin, Adam Harris,
Ljubavnici: George Baldovin, Eugen Dobrescu, Adam Harris, Dan Rus
Svjedoci: Daria Brdovnik Bukvić, Natalia Horsnell, Asuka Maruo, Mutsumi Matsuhisa, Catarina Meneses, Miruna Miciu, Dunja Novković, Pavla Pećušak, Cristina Rotolo, Tomaž Golub, Rieka Suzuki, Valentina Štrok, Atina Tanović, George Baldovin, Gianmarco Beoni, Eugen Dobrescu, Adam Harris, Duilio Ingraffia, Kristian Manev, Ovidiu Muscalu, Kornel Palinko, Dan Rus, Andrea Schifano, George Stanciu, Sebastian Šimić