Giacomo Puccini

La Bohème

Puccini’s opera about Parisian bohemians, despite its unsuccessful premiere, was received with standing ovations at every subsequent performance, so much so that the La Bohème has become one of the most popular operas in history. The libretto, based on the novel Scènes de la vie de bohème by Henri Murger, describes the world of students and artists in the Latin Quarter in Paris. The poignant story about young and penniless Parisians and their unhappy love lives won over opera houses all around the world and served as an inspiration to many authors for their own works in various genres. Rodolphe and Mimi are the main protagonists of events which illustrate the fate of several young men and women who, despite poverty and squalor, do not lose faith in love. Mimi’s tragic end deepens the impression left by this great love story which continues to thrill opera lovers old and new. With this opera, showcasing his great talent, Puccini conquered stages across the world and gave us the gift of unforgettable arias and duets which stand for what is most beautiful in his operatic oeuvre.

 — The CNT has staged a performance that is extremely convincing in all of its elements, which merge harmoniously into a perfect operatic whole that is rarely achieved. —  

Jutarnji list, December 2009. 

 — The soloists firmly carried this performance and their vocal delivery fulfilled the expectations of a refined listener. —  

Novi list, December 2009.

Conductor: Nikša Bareza
Director: Arnaud Bernard



28., 30.12.2015

RODOLFO  Renzo Zulian
MARCELLO Siniša Hapač
COLLINE – Luciano Batinić, Berislav Puškarić (30.12.)
SCHAUNARD – Davor Radić, Matija Meić (28.12.)
MIMI – Tamara Franetović Felbinger, Martina Zadro (28.12.)
MUSETTA – Marija Kuhar Šoša, Tanja Ruždjak (28.12.)
BENOIT – Ivica Trubić
ALCINDOR – Ozren Bilušić
PARPIGNOL – Kristijan Beluhan (23.12.), Tvrtko Stipić (28.12.), Neven Mrzlečki (30.12.)
CARINIK – Antonio Brajković
PRODAVAČ ŠLJIVA – Neven Mrzlečki (23.12), Kristijan Beluhan