Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Marriage of Figaro

This four-act comic opera is one of Mozart’s masterpieces. The plot focuses on a hectic day in the life of Count Almaviva who, enchanted by the Countess’s chambermaid Susanna, tries to impose on her the feudal custom allowing a master to spend a night with the bride-to-be on the eve of her wedding. The plot is full of twists and turns, disguises, cases of mistaken identity and gender, and the protagonists experience a day filled with irresistible passion. After general chaos and many comical situations, it becomes clear that the servants have managed to outfox their masters. The Count’s crafty and nimble servant Figaro, betrothed to Susanna, is the opera’s main schemer whose every intention succeeds.

The libretto was written by Lorenzo da Ponte who based it on the famous comedy of Beaumarchais with the same title, which uncannily prefigured the French Revolution. Although Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro would see only nine performances after the 1786 premiere at Vienna, the opera quickly achieved worldwide success and has become one of his most popular works.

— Yet another opera premiere at the Zagreb CNT welcomed with a standing ovation. —  

Klasika.hr, February 2016. 

— The moment for the return of The Marriage of Figaro was more than good, especially in such a very good production. —

Vijenac, February 2016. 


Director: Mauricio García Lozano
Conductor: Josip Šego,  Davor Kelić






FIGARO: Matija Meić (31.5.), Siniša Štork (13., 24.5., 20.6.)
CONTE: Ljubomir Puškarić (24., 31.5.), Davor Radić (13.5., 20.6)
CONTESSA: Adela Golac Rilović
SUSANNA: Marija Kuhar Šoša (13., 31.5.), Tanja Ruždjak (24.5., 20.6.)
CHERUBINO: Jelena Kordić (13.5.), Martina Menegoni (24., 31.5., 20.6.)
MARCELINA: Dubravka Šeparović Mušović (24., 31.5. i 20.6.), Diana Hilje (13.5.)
DON BARTOLO: Ivica Trubić
DON BASILIO: Nikša Radovanović (13.5., 20.6.), Božimir Lovrić (24., 31.5.)
DON CURZIO: Tvrtko Stipić
BARBARINA: Martina Klarić (24., 31.5.), Barić (13.5., 20.6)
ANTONIO:  Alen Ruško (13, 31.5.) Antonio Brajković (24.5, 20.6.)
KUHAR: Mario Bokun