Marjan Nećak - Staša Zurovac

Danse macabre

World-premiere: March 15, 2008

Danse macabre by Staša Zurovac, on the original score by Marjan Nećak, was met with the unanimous enthusiasm. Thanks to his always fresh and original ideas, his pronounced talent for music and sense of humour, this choreographer wins the audience with every new project. In this macabre dance-naration of the stories from the depths of human soul, situated between dream and reality, between the inner and the outer, Zurovac went further than before, to the very line which divides life and death, to the point when one inevitably becomes the other. Our ballet ensemble who always breathe with the exceptional ideas of their colleague choreographer, have given their full engagement bursting with energy.

Choreographer, director Staša Zurovac 
Composer Marjan Nećak 
Set Designer Žorž Draušnik 
Costume DesignerKatarina Radošević Galić 
Light Designer Deni Šesnić 
Assistant ChoreographerOlja Jovanović-Zurovac 
Film Director Vlatka Vorkapić 
Ballet Master Mateja Pučko-Petković