Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky - Albert Camus

The Possessed

One of the best known novels of the Russian novelist Dostoyevsky, The Possessed is not only a chronicle of a small, provincial Russian town. It is a mixture of a melodramatic love story and political thriller about the early socialists and anarchiststrying to overthrow the existent regime. And while we can say that the events in that town are at least weird, all the characters in the novel are on the verge of insanity of sorts, as if they were obsessed, and the whole novel is imbued by feverishness which makes us want to find out what exactly happened. The Possessed was adapted for stage by Albert Camus and his adaptation is one of the rare ones which are performed all over the world and which will be performed on the stage of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb with participation of a big ensemble of actors.