Artistic programme for schools

The artistic programme presenting a cross-section of the repertoire of the CNT in Zagreb for pupils of final elementary grades and high schools. It includes a combination of excerpts from drama, opera and ballet performances and includes the most popular works of theatre art performed by our best theatre artists.

The mentioned programmed was very well accepted by the young visitors because it offered an unusual insight into the repertoire of the Zagreb CNT. The programme had already been seen by pupils of elementary schools “Tituš Brezovečki”, “August Cesarec”, “Ivan Gundulić”, “Ksaver Šandor Gjalski” and pupils of the 9th Secondary school in Zagreb.

The fundamental idea and goal of such an artistic programme was to offer a top-quality theatre experience to young generations, to present the programme of the CNT in Zagreb and incite the habit of visiting the theatres more often.

We invite you to join us and peep into the repertoire of our theatre!

The impressions of the pupils:

“I must admit that it was really nice and fun. The atmosphere was pleasant and I did not know that the actors and singers will walk among the audience; this made me laugh. I was enchanted by the beauty of the auditorium.”

“The artistic programme for schools was really enchanting. This was my first time at the Croatian National Theatre. I like how the artists involved the spectators into their numbers. It was interesting to see how they are relaxed and spontaneous. The right thing for our age. There was nothing I did not like, except it could have lasted a bit longer!”

“The artistic programme for schools really thrilled me. It is interesting how excerpts from dramas, operas and ballet were connected into one whole. The numbers were short with exceptional musicians, dancers and actors. Smaller parts were taken from a significant work and then presented as its most important excerpts. I was very impressed with the part from Anna Karenina because the ballet artists with their dancing and acting presented a love romance.”

“I like how people at the Croatian National Theatre are thinking of how to bring the younger audience to such events. I believe how we, high school pupils are full of prejudice for such cultural events; but after coming here, we understand and see that we were wrong. Such programmes will urge us to visit theatres more frequently.”

“I found it exceptionally interesting that this programme includes the most famous pieces of theatre art. I was already acquainted with works such as Hamlet, Medea and Carmen, and the others, we are just about to study. One of the most interesting numbers was a part from ballet Anna Karenina. I liked the costumes and the music of Pyotr Illych Tchaikovsky. The

performers were magnificent. The actors, singers, ballet dancers and the orchestra performed the programme with passion which they then passed onto the audience. This is how a special relationship between the audience and the performer is created. I was especially thrilled with the Habanera from opera Carmen!”

“The host of the programme Alen Šalinović in a good manner reached out to the younger audience.”

“The best part of the programme was the final wheel dance from opera Ero the Joker.”

“I enjoyed every performance and I am very glad to have seen something new and interesting. I was most impressed by the aria from opera Carmen by Georges Bizet sung by Dubravka Šeparović Mušović who performed it in a comical and entertaining manner.”

“I can only say that I enjoyed the programme and am very glad that we came. I would like to see similar things more often!”