A Pledge for the Future

MA Charity Concert titled Pledge for the Future organised by the Croatian Cultural Society Napredak will be held on October 7, 2017 at 8 p.m.  The Concert will mark the 25th anniversary of the revived work of the Croatian Cultural Society Napredak in Zagreb and raise funds for scholarships for pupils and students. Napredak’s fellowship holders will take part in the concert. The Concert is held under the high patronage of the President of the Republic of Croatia Kolinda Grabar Kitarović. 

As far back as 1902, the founders of the Croatian Cultural Society Napredak defined its fundamental mission – assistance of pupils and students. In 1949, Napredak was violently abolished, its work was prohibited and all of its assets were confiscated, although it helped numerous generations. More than 16,000 pupils and students passed through Napredak‘s convicts and received scholarships and financial support. Among them were those individuals without whom Croatian but also world culture and science would not be as rich – they were Nobel prize winners Ivo Andrić and Vladimir Prelog, as well as Nikola Šop, Gabrijel Jurkić, Karlo Mijić, Ivo Frangeš, Ivo Padovan and many other prominent persons. 

Napredak re-established its work in 1990. With a rich cultural programme, today Napredak can ensure significant scholarships. The restoration of a systematic granting of scholarships began in 1995 with the foundation of Napredak’s Foundation Ivo Andrić – Vladimir Prelog. Since the revival, until today, Napredak secured more than 3,000 scholarships and supports. Many of the previous scholarship beneficiaries today are successful and acclaimed musicians, scientists and experts in various areas. 

Even now, as in previous times, there are many serious and responsible tasks ahead of Napredak. In order to be able to live up to these tasks, Napredak needs assistance and help of those who understand that investing into the education of the young is an investment for a better future of us all. 

For more information on Napredak  visit www.hkdnapredak.com 


Programme of the Charity Concert for Napredak‘s Scholarship Fund 

Conductor: Nikša Bareza 

Ruggiero Leoncavallo: I Pagliacci, Prologue Si Puó?, soloist: Ljubomir Puškarić 

  1. W. Hertel: 1. Trumpet Concerto in E-flat major, soloist on the trumpet: Ivan Đuzel

Giuseppe Verdi: Rigoletto, duet of Gilda and the Duke of Mantua È il sol dell’anima, soloists: Ivana Lazar and Stjepan Franetović 

Giuseppe Verdi: Rigoletto, aria of Gilda Caro nomeche il mio cor, soloist: Ivana Lazar 

Giuseppe Verdi: Simon Boccanegra, aria of Fiesco Illaceratospirito, soloist: Siniša Štork 

Francesco Cilea: Adriana Lecouvreur, aria of Adriana Eccorespiro appena… Io son l’umile ancella, soloist: Vedrana Šimić 

Josip Hatze: Adel i Mara, intermezzo numbers 1 and 2 from Act four 

Asim Horozić: Akšamgeldi, solo song, soloist: Vedrana Šimić 

Josip Hatze: Adel and Mara, aria of Frane Glekakodivnopriroda se budi, soloist: Ljubomir Puškarić 

Vatroslav Lisinski: Porin, aria of Porin Zorkomoja, soloist: Stjepan Franetović 

Ivan noble Zajc: Nikola ŠubićZrinjski, aria of Suleyman Čudno li krvca mi vrije, soloist: Siniša Štork 

Ivan noble Zajc: Nikola ŠubićZrinjski, duet of Jelena and Eva Ovamokćerkomoja, soloists: Ivana Lazar and Vedrana Šimić 

Ivan noble Zajc: Nikola ŠubićZrinjski, duet of Zrinjski and Eva Evo, pod vedrimnebom, soloists: Vedrana Šimić and Ljubomir Puškarić 

Soloists of the Opera are accompanied by the Orchestra of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. Concert masters are Vlatka Peljhan and Mojca Ramušćak. Artistic leader of the opera studio is Darijan Ivezić and the repetiteurs are Vjekoslav Babić, Helena Borović, Nina Cossetto and Silvana Čuljak. Stage managers are Zrinka Petrušanec and Aleksandra Ćorluka.