Peter Pan Synopsis

Scene 1


The siblings Wendy, John and Michael, ready for the night, are listening to the radio. Mrs Darling, their mother, enters to send them into bed. She kisses every child good night and switches off the light. Suddenly it’s getting bright again and the little fairy Tinker Bell appears. She hears Peter Pan coming and suddenly he storms into the room, chasing Tinker Bell around. Finally he catches her, but then realizes that he has lost his shadow. Tinker Bell advises him to have a look at the closet, where finally he finds his shadow. He can’t make it to stick it back on himself and starts to cry.

Wendy wakes up. Peter shows on his separate shadow – and Wendy sews it on again. As a present peter gives her a medallion. They dance together. In the meanwhile Michael and john woke up. From the inside of the closet a banging can be heard. Peter Pan is astonished, opens the door, and Tinker Bell storms out in a furious dance, being a bit jealous of Wendy. Peter Pan orders the children to line up, inviting them for a trip into the star-covered skies. With a little bit of fairy dust they all learn how to fly.

Scene 2


Towards the sky there’s a scary appearance of a pirate ship.
The Lost Boys silently sneak up from their hideaways and play with each other, until they see the Pirates and Captain hook approaching on their way back to their ship. The pirates draw in the ship’s bridge behind them, as the Indians can be heard. The Indians, led by Tiger Lily and her Indian Prince, present themselves in a wild indian dance. the Crocodile with a loud tick-tack appears chasing the Indians away. On board of the ship the Pirates frantically follow all the ever-changing orders that Captain Hook has for them. Then the Pirates withdraw for the night. Peter Pan on his happy flight with Wendy, John and Michael approaches, but they are noticed by the guard. Alert on ship! Captain Hook since long wants to take revenge on Peter Pan. Finally he orders a cannon shot on the cheeky intruders. Wendy is wounded and falls to the ground.

Scene 3


A mysterious and playful ground, obviously the Lost Boy’s home.
The Lost Boys slowly come out of their trees. They discover Tinker Bell dragging Wendy, with torn clothes and all black from gunpowder. Tinker Bell orders the lost boys to murder Wendy. She shows a sign towards Wendy’s heart, one of the boys shoots an arrow. Wendy falls on the ground. Peter Pan appears, discovers what happened and then pulls out the arrow that was stuck in the medallion he gave to her. It saved her! Tinker Bell nestles around Peter Pan, but he wouldn’t forgive her and sends her away.

Wendy’s brothers appear. Also wrenched off and black from gun powder, they can hardly walk and fall on the ground next to Wendy. The Lost Boys quickly build a cozy place for Wendy. They all lay down to sleep, except Peter Pan, but on guard he also falls asleep.

Scene 4


In a magical dance fairies appear. Peter Pan shares his dream with Wendy, John and Michael. Suddenly the Pirates appear carrying Tiger Lily who has been made prisoner by Captain Hook. Peter Pan manages to distract him and frees her. Peter Pan and Captain Hook start a big fight, but suddenly the Crocodile can be heard again. Hastily Captain hook escapes on his ship. Peter Pan brings Wendy, John and Michael to a safe place to spend the night. Tinker Bell discovers their hideaway and plays a trick on the siblings. Peter Pan is enjoying his time with the fairies until the arrival of Tinker Bell reminds him of the siblings left behind and returns to rescue them.

Scene 5


Festivities among the Indians. The Indian Prince thanks Peter for saving tiger Lily, smokes a peace pipe with him, and with eagles’ feathers promotes him to an indian warrior. Then it’s time to retreat into the trees to sleep. Suddenly the Pirates and Captain Hook sneak out to kidnap the siblings to attract Peter Pan. After they succeed, Captain Hook dances a short lasting victory dance, but his paranoias set back in. The Crocodile arrives. Peter Pan discovers John’s teddy bear. He knows that he has to save the siblings and leaves thoughtfully, following the traces of the pirates.

Scene 6


The Pirates are drinking on their ship. Captain Hook gives sign for the trapped children to be brought. Captain Hook orders Wendy to dance, but she refuses. Therefore he commands to drag her to the plank to be thrown into the sea. In that moment the Crocodile can be heard, coming closer and closer. Captain Hook runs away aghast, not realizing, that it is Peter Pan producing the Crocodile’s ticking. Peter Pan quickly liberates the children, covers himself with Wendy’s cloak pretending to be her. Captain Hook is furious. He wants to push whom he thinks to be Wendy into the sea with a long pole. The children and the Lost Boys surround the victorious Peter Pan who, after for giving Tinker Tell, agrees to bring them back home, because they are beginning to miss their mother. Even the Lost Boys do, although they almost forgot what a mother was. Would peter pan join them?