My Veronese Lovers

The timeless artistic work Romeo and Juliet is: love, religion, death but also strength, hatred, rivalry, complexity of human relationships and their incentives, as well as sexuality and power into which all the protagonists are merged, together with their emotions and psychological violence.

Juliet believes in the illusion that she is governing her life, but actually falls down as the first victim connected to Romeo, who is a representation of the sweet taste of forbidden fruit. They are interwoven into a net of love and death.

The return to the world of Shakespeare through the art of dance is one physical and intellectual voyage. Relying on the music of Prokofiev, this voyage appears as an exceptional artistic challenge to every choreographer. Romeo and Juliet is not a romantic ballet such as Giselle or La Sylphide nor a large classical ballet such as La Bayadére or Swan Lake that the great and until today cited choreographer Marius Petipa created. The fact that all choreographers who stage large classical ballets cannot entirely ignore the original is evidence of the above, while the same approach is not common when the title relates to ballet Romeo and Juliet. Therefore, every choreographer who is creating ballet Romeo and Juliet creates his/her vision and version of Shakespeare’s literary work, perfectly complemented by Prokofiev’s music.


Patrice Bart