Guest performances of Dark Landscapes by Marjana Krajač and Bolero by Maša Kolar

After a successful guest appearance of this double bill at the Croatian National Theatre in Split on January 28, 2017, the Ballet of the CNT in Zagreb will give a guest performance of the Dark Landscapes and Bolero at the International Dance Festival in Belgrade at the Madlenianum Theatre on April 4, 2017.



DARK LANDSCAPES is a choreographic poem about dark traces, intuitive spaces and areas of disappearance. In another words, everything that is inscribed in to the world that has not yet found its possible form. Amplitudes of imagination that are creating deep volumes of space, structure, time and sound are focal points of this ballet and its dark visions. This ballet work for 16 dancers defines performing gesture as poetic, intuitive and durational practice. In another words, there is a trust that creates a space of a movement as the mutual place of thinking and sensing. Singular body, able to self-determine itself in a relation to the whole is re-creating that relation anew. In this regard, something sensitive and open to reformulation can only be a dark landscape, a dark trace, a space with many unknown emotions.

/ Marjana Krajač /


Bolero represents steady, tenacious, and relentless pulsating of a community’s being. Minimalised, but obsessively repetitive rhythm of an individual, contagiously spreads its hypnotic influence onto another and others, until the group mirrors it in the rhythm of the collective. Cohabitation with others through mutuality gradually turns into competition and predation, and grows into a dizzying climax of collective ecstasy, through which it finds resolution in a kind of a communal purification.

/ Maša Kolar /

MARJANA KRAJAČ (born 1974) is one of the most renowned Croatian choreographers of a younger generation. Her works are providing intriguing, engaging and deep choreographic experiences. In 2014 she was awarded with Croatian Theatre Award for the outstanding choreographic achievement and Annual Award of the Croatian Dance Artists Association for the choreographic achievement of the year. In 2011 she was a Choreoroam Europe artist (selected by CSC Bassano del Grappa – Opera Estate Festival, The Place London, Rotterdam Dansateliers, a-2/Certamen Choreography Paso de Madrid and Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance). She collaborated and danced for and with numerous choreographers in Germany, France and Croatia. She worked with Groupe Dunes in Marseille (France) and her dance expertise was also formed by some of the relevant masters of European ballet and dance, like prima ballerina and John Cranco’s leading dancer Marcia Haydée and Croatian avant-garde choreographer Milana Broš. In 2015 she was a jury member of Ana Roje Award – the yearly award of the Ballet of Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. Marjana also writes about dance and choreography related subjects, and some of her texts have been published in New York’s Movement Research Performance Journal, as well as profiled performing arts magazines Frakcija and Kretanja. She worked for and with numerous regional and international venues, theatres and festivals. 

MAŠA KOLAR was born in Zagreb, where she graduated from the State School for Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić, after which she continued her education at the Vlaamse Dansacademie in Belgium. She began her career as a professional dancer in Zagreb, in Germany and in Switzerland, and continued as a freelance dance artist around the world, gaining an extraordinary international reputation both as a choreographer and a dance pedagogist. She is a recipient of many Croatian and international awards, including the prestigious Mary Wigman award. She lectured at the Scandinavian Dance Academy in Stockholm and Interlochen Center for the Arts. She works as a dance pedagogist at Zagreb Youth Theatre.

After the word opening night of Dark Landscapes by Marjana Krajač and Bolero by Maša Kolar on November 11, 2016 there was an after-party at which numerous artists and cultural workers mingled with the performers.