“How Work Works” – an artistic presentation by Sergiu Matis and Mila Pavićević

A presentation titled How Work Works of artists Sergiu Matis and Mila Pavićević is scheduled for Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 1 p.m. in the Sound Studio of the CNT in Zagreb. How Work Works is a series of events within the joint project Nothing Inert in the World of BADco. and the Croatian National Theatre that presents the work of artists who are close to BADco. 

We met in a video-game, cruising through artificial slums ruins in search for zombified artefacts in order to reanimate them towards techonologised life forms and to expose them in common places where their dance could happen. We developed navigation tools and organised communication systems that helped us pass through different levels, mostly with no other goal than fun, getting lost into very personal grooves, or just for the sake of viruosity. 

We kept exchanging pixelised matter, reorganising organic material and contaminating each other with theory and practice to develop and complexify the visible thinking body. 

More information on the artists and the programme can be acquired at http://badco.hr/hr/news-item/sergiu-matis-mila-pavicevic