The Woman

In a tavern in Dalmatia, two men sit at a table playing cards. The stakes rise and eventually one of them puts money on the table and the other wagers his wife. In the masterly depicted contest between the two men, we discover the background to that conflict including the legend of their great-grandfathers’ crimes, even though it is really all about their mutual animosity. In another cafe, in Paris, the city of light, the fight is not just over a beautiful woman, it’s also a conflict between Europe and America, that is between materialism and idealism. The woman in the end makes a decision to go with the American in order to save the impoverished artists, accused of theft, from unpleasant consequences. In two dramatic texts The Woman and Café du Dôme, under the joint title of The Woman, Kosor focuses on his characters’ psychologies, but doesn’t shy away from the world around him… više


A few days before dying, my mother, a fervent Catholic said to me: ‘Why don’t you write a play about the Gospel? This could be your message of love. There is so much need nowadays.’ And so I began to film and photograph the images that I came across in my travels in Italy, France, Romania, Russia and Latin America. Images of Madonnas, of Christs, of martyrs… Then I got lost, just as I get lost every time I create my plays. And I forgot about this Gospel. I met people in Africa living in camps, I met gypsies in completely run-down settlements, and then I started filming, dreaming of sets… landscapes, sunsets, light, sky and comic situations – perhaps as an antidote to the gravity of faith that keeps us stuck to earth, preventing us from flying. (Pippo Delbono) Gospel is a play co-produced by the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and the Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione from… više

3 Winters

In the winter of 1945, a mother, a daughter with her husband and new-born baby girl settle in the villa of an emigrant of the Independent State of Croatia, thanks to the privilege of Communist Party membership. The house at first appears empty, but conceals a left-over tenant and an old acquaintance of the mother. In the winter of 1990, the Kos family gathers in the house for a wake. It is the eve of the Homeland War and the new state is still in its infancy. Old divisions and controversies surface again, while the new generation raises new issues. In the winter of 2011, wedding preparations are under way and the Kos family is together once again. At the dawn of entry into the European Union, some family chapters are being closed and the long silences interrupted, while the new tycoons led only by the ideology of capital are determining the destiny of the household in which years and memories… više


Well-to-do merchant Orgon brings his new friend Tartuffe into his family, despite their opposition. The man has enchanted Orgon and his mother who think him modest, pious, moral, thoughtful, virtuous and, above all, devout. To the rest of the family, he is a crook, liar, flatterer and hypocrite. Conflicts and arguments within the family lead to comic situations, and the plot is further complicated by Orgon’s plan to marry his daughter to him. But, Tartuffe has his eye on Orgon’s wife, and by the time Orgon finally sees through Tartuffe’s dishonest intentions, it seems things have gone too far. However, with the King’s help, the family’s honour and fortune are saved at the last moment. Tartuffe is one of Molière’s most famous comedies that sparked controversy at its world premiere in 1664 and was twice banned. Here is a comedy about which people have raised quite a stir, which… više

Men of Wax

In the first part of this dramatic triptych entitled The Groupie, Viktor, a playwright and screenwriter, ex-rock guitarist and popular rock star of the former Yugoslavia is living with his wife, Ana. But their lives are suddenly disturbed when one of Viktor’s groupies from his rock-star days visits, bringing some unbelievable news. Events then unfold at great speed leading to an unexpected finale, revealing secrets from past lives and affecting everyone involved. In the second part entitled The First Muslim in the Village, Viktor returns to the village of Ričice in the Dalmatian hinterland for a few days’ rest. But instead of enjoying quiet evenings in his home village, he is faced with unbelievable events: the funeral of a young man killed in a car crash, an arranged wedding with a false foreign bride and meetings with villagers all with very peculiar outlooks on life… The third… više

The Winter’s Tale

One of the last works of the immortal William Shakespeare was written around 1611. This text, as most of his other texts, was inspired by various sources, but the main plot is taken from the pastoral Pandosto by Robert Green, published in England in 1588, while Shakespeare’s play was published in 1623. The plot of The Winter’s Tale starts in Sicily, where Polixenes, King of Bohemia, meets his childhood friend Leontes, King of Sicily. Polixenes is in a hurry to get back to his country, but Leontes is eager to keep him in Sicily and sends his wife Hermione to persuade his friend to stay a little longer. Surprised by his wife’s success, Leontes suspects the two of being lovers and Hermione of carrying Polixenes’s child, and so orders Polixenes to be poisoned. However, Polixenes manages to escape to Bohemia and Leontes, convinced of his wife’s infidelity, throws her into a dungeon.… više


Ivanov is a landowner beset by problems. He is married to a woman he doesn’t love, and who is seriously ill. Her treatment requires a significant amount of money, but as she converted from Judaism to Christianity before their marriage, her family disinherited her. While he struggles to find a meaning to his life, he falls hopelessly in love with a girl named Sasha, which additionally complicates his life, and so, in order to escape from the problems he is unable to solve he takes an unexpected step. Ivanov is one of Chekhov’s first plays, written in 1887. In September that year, theatre owner Fiodor Korsh commissioned a play from Chekhov for his theatre’s new season. Chekhov went into isolation for 10 days and wrote a four-act drama, Ivanov. It premiered on 19 November 1887 in the Korsh Theatre in Moscow, but neither Chekhov nor the audience or critics were happy with the result. Chekhov… više