Christmas Concert ”Good Tidings of Great Joy”

The Zagreb Opera complemented this year’s seasonal holiday offer of our city with the Christmas concert titled Good Tidings of Great Joy.  The concert was held on December 23, 2017 at 7.30 p.m. under music direction of Nikša Bareza and Luka Vukšić with the participation of opera soloists, Choir and Orchestra of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.




Part I

Conductor Nikša Bareza

  1. Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov Suite from opera Christmas Eve* ( 30′)
    Vakula, Ivo Gamulin, tenor
    Solokha Dubravka Šeparović Mušović, mezzosoprano
    Patsyuk Siniša Štork, basso
    2. P. I. Tchaikovsky Intermezzo from ballet The Sleeping Beauty for violin and orchestra (8′)
    Solo violin Vlatka Peljhan
    3. Bohuslav Martinů Concerto for two violins and orchestra (19′)
    Solo violins Vlatka Peljhan and Mojca Ramušćak


Part II
Conductor Luka Vukšić


  1. Anđelko Klobučar O, Tannenbaum
    Soloist Vitomir Marof, baritone
  2. John Cameron Les anges dans nos campagne
    Soloist: Ivo Gamulin, tenor and Choir of the Opera
    6. Adolphe Adam: Cantique de Noel
    Soloist Ivana Lazar, soprano and Choir of the Opera
    7. Osias Wilenski Adeste fideles
    Soloist Vitomir Marof, baritone and Choir of the Opera
    8. Nikša Njirić: Veselje ti navješćujem  (Choir of the Opera)
    9. Boris Papandopulo Radujte se, narodi (Choir of the Opera)
    10. Boris Papandopulo U se vrime godišta(Choir of the Opera)
    11. Boris Papandopulo Narodi nam se (Choir of the Opera)
    (part II – duration approx. 30′)


Soloists, Choir and Orchestra of the CNT in Zagreb
Concert mistresses: Sidonija Lebar, guest artist
Stage managers: Aleksandra Ćorluka and Zrinka Petrušanec

*Music suite in 4 scenes:

Music fantasy in 4 scenes:

  1. Introduction: it is late, a cold Christmas Eve on the farm near Dikanka.
  2. Celestial vastness: the Moon and the stars. Stars are gathering on white clouds, dancing and creating fairytale-like shapes in the sky; mazurka, comet tail, csardas and at the end a rain of falling stars. Suddenly dark clouds appear, the stars disappear and the magic turns into a scene of dark powers of evil witches and other flying impure forces. Blacksmith Vakula arrives on the back of a winged horse and all impure forces follow him in order to catch him. In the distance, through the night fog, there are lights of the city illuminated by candles.
  3. Polonaise. Lavishly illuminated royal hall. The Devil appears and everything turns into darkness.
  4. Celestial vastness. Night, the setting moon is peeping behind the dense clouds. Brooms, rakes, prongs and pots are levitating between the clouds. Blacksmith Vakula on the back of the Devil returns to his village; the clouds are splitting up and the morning star appears in the sky. It began to dawn.  Koliada*, in the form of a young virgin and Ovsen*, as a young man riding a golden boar, with their entourage of blessed spirits lighten the sky. In the distance village Dikanka is illuminated by the first sun rays. A chiming song of the villagers is heard in harmony with the sound of Christmas church bells.

*Koliada, an old Slavic mythological deity and pre-Christian winter holiday (Koleda), later on embedded into Christmas holidays.

 *Ovsen, an old Slavic God, born as a human who became a deity after numerous heroic deed.