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Bobby Gillespie and Franco B. Bifo in the Philosophical Theatre


Bobby Gillespie is a rocker and singer of the cult rock band Primal Scream whose final album Chaosmosis was directly inspired by the philosophy of Franco B. Bifo. Bobby is a Scottish musician who in the mid-1980s played in The Jesus and Mary Chain and since then has been a singer of the Primal Scream band that was founded in Glasgow under the influence of the Rolling Stones and Beatles.

Franco B. Bifo was born in 1948 in Bologna and is one of the most interesting Italian philosophers who had a guest appearance in the Philosophical Theatre of the National Theatre in Belgrade last year. This will be his first appearance in the Philosophical Theatre of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. During the 1970s he took part in the cult pirate radio station Radio Alice and then cooperated with Felix Guattari in his schizoanalysis. He published several books on financial capitalism and termination of the future and technology.