Ballet scenes




Scene One – In the Capulet Tomb

In the family tomb, Lady Capulet is desperately crying over the grave of her young daughter Juliet who took her life after Romeo killed himself. Lady Capulet recollects the events that preceded this terrible tragedy.

Scene Two – A Street in Verona

On a street in Verona the young Romeo spends time with his friend Mercutio and tries to forget Rosaline, his hidden desire who is entirely indifferent toward him. Tybalt joins the other folk on the square and as always enters into a quarrel with the members of the Montague family. Benvolio who is a friend of both families tries to calmly avoid the conflict.

Scene Three – Juliet’s Chamber

Juliet with the help of her mother and the Nurse is preparing for the Ball in the Capulet mansion. At the Ball, Count Paris is going to propose to her and their wedding will be announced. Tybalt who has feelings for Lady Capulet arrives; Juliet notices how their relationship surpasses mere family affection.

Scene Four – In Front of the Mansion

Romeo once again comes across Rosaline and when Mercutio invites him and Benvolio to the Capulet Ball, he immediately accepts the invitation. The young men decide to wear masks.

Scene Five – At the Ball

Guests are gathering in the mansion. Lord Capulet introduces Juliet to Paris whom he intended for her husband. After their dance, Juliet sees Romeo in the crowd for the first time. While she dances her first dance with the masked Romeo, Tybalt interrupts them suspecting him to be an intruder. Benvolio turns it into a joke and the tension ceases.

Lady Capulet dances with Tybalt. She is worried that he might make a hasty move. Romeo and Juliet are allowed to mingle and dance. Juliet takes off Romeo’s mask, but still does not know his true identity. They both enjoy their dancing and playing and Romeo kisses Juliet. When Tybalt concludes again that there are some who are not welcome at the Ball, Benvolio urges Romeo to leave quickly.

Scene Six – The Balcony

Romeo, in his desire to see Juliet again that same night, hides under her balcony while his friends Mercutio and Benvolio look for him in vain. He daydreams about the beautiful Juliet, while she in her room imagines the young man who suddenly conquered her heart. Although by now they are aware of their family origins, the affection that has grown between them cannot be diminished. In the moonlight that illuminates Juliet’s room, Romeo swears to eternal love, giving her his heart. Having sealed their love they agree on their next encounter.

Scene Seven – A Square in Verona

The enamoured romantic Romeo comes to the town square filled with young people. Juliet’s Nurse is pushing herself through the crowd carrying a message for Romeo. In the note, Juliet suggests that they secretly marry as soon as possible. Romeo immediately sets up a meeting at Friar Laurence’s.

Scene Eight – In the Chapel

In the chapel, Friar Laurence quickly marries Romeo and Juliet. The young couple must part immediately, but they agree on a nocturnal encounter in Juliet’s chamber.

Scene Nine – A Square in Verona

A carnival procession arrives to the square and Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio are also there. The merriness is interrupted by Tybalt who as usual is seeking for a fight, brandishing his sword. Mercutio teases Tybalt which enrages him even more. While Romeo, having just come from his wedding, is attempting to calm the tension, Tybalt uses the moment and fatally wounds Mercutio from the back. Romeo’s best friend dies in his arms. Romeo, in his blinded rage challenges Tybalt to a duel in a desire to revenge his friend and kills Tybalt. Lady Capulet arrives right at the moment when the double tragedy had already occurred. She cannot accept the fact that her beloved Tybalt is dead and does not try to conceal her deep pain.

Scene Ten – Juliet’s Chamber

Juliet is sad because of the death of her cousin Tybalt, but even more because she is aware that now the life of her Romeo is in danger. Romeo must leave the city; he intends to go to Mantua, but must bid goodbye from his loved one. He sneaks into Juliet’s room where they spend their first and only night together. At dawn when the morning lark is announcing a new day, the young lovers barely have time to say goodbye before her parents enter her chamber, announcing the arrival of Paris, whom she is to marry. Juliet refuses, cries and begs, but this makes her father extremely angry; he is unrelenting. The Nurse tries to comfort Juliet, but Juliet throws her out of the room as well.

Scene Eleven – In the Chapel

Paris comes to Friar Laurence to set the upcoming marriage, but the Friar sends him away because he sees Juliet coming. She seeks help from the Friar and a way-out of this terrible situation. Friar Laurence gives her a potion with which she can feign her own death and avoid the marriage.

Scene Twelve – A Room in the Mansion

Rosaline and Juliet’s other friends are supervised by the Nurse in their preparation of the wedding clothes. After the girls leave, the Nurse almost as if anticipating the continuation of the tragic events sadly stares at Juliet’s wedding gown.

Scene Thirteen – Juliet’s Chamber

With great care Juliet brings the potion to her room. While preparing to drink it, doubts whether this is the right thing to do. She deliberates on her own mother who loved Tybalt, but married Lord Capulet because this marriage was more suitable. Her girlfriends merrily enter her room with Paris who is very impatient and wishes Juliet to become his wife as soon as possible. Finally left alone, Juliet once again remembers her mother’s forbidden love and this gives her the strength to drink the potion. She falls asleep on the bed. It is morning and Paris

arrives with his friends, but convinced that Juliet is still asleep leaves. Lady Capulet comes in carrying the wedding veil for Juliet, but finds her lifeless body on the bed.

Scene Fourteen – In Mantua

Romeo never receives Friar Laurence’s letter in which he informs him about Juliet’s fake death. His friend Benvolio brings him the tragic news that Juliet is dead. Romeo immediately rushes off to Verona.

Scene Fifteen – In the Capulet Tomb

Romeo enters the tomb where his loved one is lying. He wishes to bid farewell before taking his own life. He kisses her lifeless lips for the last time and drinks a poison just at the moment when Juliet begins to wake up. In that moment they only manage to kiss for the last time before Romeo passes away. Juliet stabs herself with her husband’s dagger and dies.


Scene Sixteen – In the Capulet Tomb

The story ends with the mourning of Lady Capulet in the family tomb. The mutual hatred between the two Veronese families caused a series of terrible tragedies.