Bluebeard by M. Nećak and Staša Zurovac again on the repertoire

Ballet Bluebeard that Staša Zurovac choreographed and directed after his own scenario to the music of Marjan Nećak is back on the CNT repertoire from January 12, 2017. The following re-runs are planned for January 14, 17 and 19, 2017.

The new ballet work Bluebeard was based on the famous legend of the Bluebeard finding inspiration in the novel The Seven Wives of Bluebeard of the French Nobel laureate Anatole France, the original story of Charles Perrault The Bluebeard and in the libretto by Béla Balász for opera Bluebeard’s Castle. Choreographer Stasa Zurovac, a Croatian ballet artist of the middle generation is famous for his specific style with particular sensibility, will bring this story about the title character whom many remember for his cruelty, although he was actually unhappy and lonely yearning for true love. In his novel Anatole France brings Perrault’s original story into a particular inversion, questioning its objectivity and proving how Bluebeard is not a serial killer, but actually just the opposite, a positive and unhappy character who missed the opportunity to find true love. In that questioning France allegedly relied on his own research and discovered historical facts. The entire history reflects a tone of parody- irony that is, exceptional humour. This is what attracted Zurovac in his attempt to create an entirely new interpretation of the known theme. The original music of the contemporary Macedonian composer Marjan Necak is an additional inspiration for this ballet work that will show a story about a young woman charmed by a mysterious stranger who lives in his closed wondrous and terrible world, surrounded by bloody secrets. The theme of the original is based on a specific repetition, in this case of terrible crimes as a metaphore of necessity in order to substitute the inability of the main character to achieve intimacy and love. It is about taking control of strangers’ and one’s own faith and about the fact that victims can be the key for the identification of devious behaviour. The interesting France’s version is also translated as the imperilment of today’s man who, due to the lack of emotions and truthfulness, as well as futility, self-advancement and false ideal of well-being, inexhaustibly attempts to overpower his own agony through real love. As the starting point for pondering on ballet, the authors sees the aesthetic structure in seven weddings and seven funerals, between which come events. The performance will be staged with the soloists and the ballet ensemble of the CNT in Zagreb with the Orchestra of the Opera of the CNT in Zagreb. Stasa Zurovac, dancer and choreographer was born in 1973 in Zagreb where he completed his high school education and then specialised at the Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg. After his dancing career in the Zagreb Ballet, he was the ballet director of the Ballet of the CNT Ivan noble Zajc in Rijeka. In his works he cultivates a modern specific style. He has been awarded numerous awards.

The Bluebeard